Getting Started

When you’ve decided to make a change and get back in shape, lose some weight, or build some muscle, I think a difficult thing can be knowing where to get started.  What equipment do you need?  What should you be eating?  How often should you eat?  What supplements should you take?  These are all very common questions that I get, so I thought it would be helpful to write a post about it.

So whether you’re brand new to the fitness arena, or if you’re re-starting P90X or some other program (very common), here are some tips that I have to help get you going and to keep your motivation up:

1) Write down your goals.  When you’re starting or re-starting, a critical factor is figuring out where you want to get.  Be as specific as possible here, otherwise you’re likely to just drift and lose motivation.  If you have no goal to shoot for, then you don’t know where you’re going, and ultimately you’ll probably get nowhere.  If you make a specific goal, like you want to lose 25 lbs. in 60 days, then you can track your progress and are able to make adjustments along the way.  If you’re struggling with goal setting, then read my article about goal writing here.  Also, having a goal that is meaningful will keep you motivated.  Writing down your “why” is critical in the goal setting process.  I also wrote an article about figuring out your “why” that you can find here.

2) Make sure you have the right equipment.  Nothing is worse than getting into a workout and realizing you don’t have the right equipment.  Then you have to go out and buy something or wait for it to get shipped to you, causing you to delay your start, which can also cause you to lose steam.  If you’re starting P90X, you need a pull-up bar, weights or bands, and a mat.  I think the power stands are a huge help, but you don’t necessarily need them.  If you’re struggling to figure out what you’ll need, then message me and I can help you figure that out.  Also, check out my “must have” list here.

3) Throw out the junk food!  I’m serious about this!  Get the pizza, ice cream, chips, pop, candy, etc. out of your house.  As disciplined as you might think you are, it is incredibly easy to fall into the temptation for that kind of food.  If you don’t have it at your house you can ensure that you can’t eat it there.  If you’re a regular here on our website you know that I think nutrition is more important than the workouts themselves, so this shouldn’t surprise you.  If you go from having snacks and dessert every day that are terrible for you, then just making the decision that you won’t eat them anymore probably isn’t enough.  You need to actually get rid of the garbage.

4) Fill your cabinets with healthy food.  After you read the nutrition plan and figure out how many calories you need to eat and what types of food you should eat, then go out and buy the healthy stuff.  Get lots of vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and fruit.  Make sure you have healthy snacks available.  If you’re wondering what I eat, check out my healthy snacks article here.  And if you’re struggling to figure out how many calories you need, check out this article.  You need to stick to your nutrition plan if you want to see results, so this is absolutely critical.  You also need to start tracking your calories to make sure you’re on track every day.  If you are looking for good tracking resources, then read this article.

I would also highly suggest incorporating Shakeology into your diet.  It is a main reason that I have lost 30 lbs. and I eat it for lunch every day.  It’s by far the healthiest meal of my day and I love it!  Read my review here, and if you are interested in a free sample, you can request that by clicking the ad on the right sidebar.

5) Take ‘before’ pictures.  I know this can feel slightly awkward, but I really think this is critical to keeping you accountable and motivated.  Early on in a program the scale might not move a ton, but if you’re taking progress pictures, you can often see a real difference, which can be extremely motivating!  This is a great way to track your progress, and when you’ve finished your program, it’s an awesome way to show others what you’ve accomplished!  It’s also critical if you’re considering being a coach in the future.  People want to see your transformation, and it’s a great advertisement for how well Beachbody programs and supplements work.

6) Find a buddy and plug-in here.  Having people around you to motivate and encourage you is crucial.  Sometimes you’re not going to feel like working out or sticking to your nutrition plan, but if you have someone else to encourage you to stick with it and even do it with you, then that can give you the motivation you need to keep going.  No one wants to do this alone, and it’s super tough to do that.  So find a friend, or a fellow member here and hold each other accountable to sticking with it.  That’s a main reason why I love to coach, because I get the opportunity to help people stick to their plans!

So those are my tips for getting started.  It can seem like a daunting task at first to start the journey to be healthy, but if you start here and track your progress, you’ll be surprised how far you will go in even just 90 days.  And think about that, is 90 days really that long?  If you can give it your all for 3 short months, I think you’ll be surprised what you can achieve.  If you do really go all-in, after those 90 days I would be shocked if you’d ever go back because you’ll feel great and that’s a hard thing to turn your back on!  So I encourage you to bring it and plug in here to let me and the rest of our team encourage you to get the best results possible.

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