Gaining Momentum

You hear about it from sports announcers all the time.  They talk about the team “with the momentum” having an advantage over the other team.  It’s not tangible, but it definitely gives them a leg up.  And I think that’s very true for those of us doing Beachbody programs like P90XInsanityTurbo Fire, etc.  If you have momentum working for you, you can accomplish your goals and even more than you expected, but the flip side is also true.  If you have momentum working against you, it can really derail your progress and can get you discouraged.

I was first introduced to this idea from a previous employer.  He would always say, “You’re either green and growing, or ripe and rotting.”  His point was that you can never stand still.  You are either getting better at what you’re doing or you’re getting worse.  This is very true about your health and fitness too in my opinion.  Every choice you make is having an impact, either positively or negatively, on your health.  It can either take you one step closer to reaching your goals, or it puts you one step further away.

That’s why building momentum towards your goals is so important.  Making many small, healthy choices can lead to you seeing great results.  That can mean pushing play every day, turning down the candy or treats at the office or a party, and choosing to make dinner instead of go out and buy something that you know isn’t in your nutrition plan.  The more small, good choices you make, the easier it will be to continue to make those choices.  If you push play every day for 90 days, it’s going to be much easier to continue doing that.  Every time you turn down dessert or candy at the office, it just makes it less and less appealing.  When you get on a roll with your healthy choices, it’s hard to stop.

But if you let yourself slip a little, and start slacking on your nutrition or workouts, that can really halt your momentum.  Many people think a small cheat on their diet or skipping one workout won’t hurt their results much, and they are probably right that the one time doesn’t.  But the real trouble is when the one cheat bite turns into one cheat meal, which turns into a cheat day, which can turn into a cheat weekend or completely falling off of your nutrition plan.  That’s how people lose all of their momentum and make it hard for themselves to get back on track.  Or say you skip on workout, then it’s going to be much easier to skip that workout the next time it comes into your rotation.

So which way are you going right now?  Are you green and growing, or ripe and rotting?  If you have some good momentum going, that’s great!  Keep it up and don’t let yourself get thrown off track.  Stay focused on your goal and keep striving for that.  If you realize that maybe you’re heading the wrong way, then it’s time to start building positive momentum again.  The only way to do that is by making small, healthy choices every day.  Realize that every choice you make about your workouts and nutrition is either helping you reach your goal or hurting your chances of making it there.  You’re not standing still, you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse.  Build positive momentum and you’ll surprise yourself with how good your results can be!


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