Forks Over Knives

I had heard about the documentary, Forks Over Knives, a couple months ago and have been anxiously awaiting it to come out on DVD or Netflix.  Finally, my wife Rochelle, noticed it was on instant watch on Netflix this past week, so we watched it last night and I wasn’t disappointed.

The premise of the documentary is that eating meat and dairy products has led people around the world to experience a much higher incidence of heart disease, different forms of cancer, and diabetes.   What I really liked about Forks Over Knives was the scientific approach it took.  Instead of focusing on the poor conditions for animals that are grown for consumption, or the antibiotics and drugs that are pumped into the animals, the focus was almost solely on how eating meat and dairy products lead to those diseases.

There was a great mix of scientific research as well as case studies of individuals who changed their diet to a plant-based diet.  One man was on about 6 different medications for diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.  After switching to a plant based diet, he ended up losing roughly 40 lbs. and got off of all his medications.  He raved about how much energy he had and how good he felt.  It was pretty powerful to see the effects that changing to a plant-based diet had on his life.

They also showed studies of different countries and the patterns of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  One extremely interesting study was that of Norway.  During WWII, German troops confiscated all the cattle, pigs, and chickens to feed their troops, so the Norwegians were left without meat and dairy products.  What was absolutely shocking was the massive drop in deaths due to heart disease during that time period.  What was equally as shocking was how the number of deaths due to heart disease immediately jumped back up after WWII was over and the Norwegians had their meat and dairy products back.  This was just one of many studies that showed that changing to a plant-based diet can actually reverse the growth of cancer, and plaque in our arteries.  It really is amazing research.

I’ve done lots of other research on the topic, but this just confirmed what I’ve found so far.  It feels like a no-brainer to switch to a plant-based diet.  And believe me, I would have never thought that I would want to eat a vegan diet.  But after seeing and reading all of this information, I don’t feel like I can keep eating the way I have.   A common concern that people have about a vegan diet is where they will get protein and where they will get calcium.  As far as the calcium goes, I’ve actually switched to almond milk quite a while ago, and it actually has 50% more calcium in it than cow’s milk does.  And for protein sources, you can get plenty of protein from plant-based foods.  Nuts and legumes are high in protein, and so is spinach.  It definitely is a big change, but I think the health benefits far outweigh any negative aspect of it.

So if you’re on the fence about this, or haven’t ever thought about changing to a vegan diet, I would highly recommend you go watch Forks Over Knives.  It’s on instant watch on Netflix right now, which is where I found it.  It’s incredibly interesting and could be really helpful for tons of people around the world.  If you’re someone on tons of medication for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes, wouldn’t it be worth the change to get off of all those meds?  Personally, I would much rather change my diet than try to fix things with medications and surgery.  The answer is there if you’re willing to make the change!  And I think you’ll find the fresh produce fits really well into your budget once you stop paying for those medications.

b fuller
b fuller

esselstyn's data / norway isn't entirely true. fish consumption increased 200% and roe consumption increased as well. meat consumption dropped 60% but was not eliminated. lamb beef and milk and eggs were scarce but replaced w fish and roe. plant based diet was not really the case. reduction of certain types of meat was the case increases of fish the case . huge reduction of sugar also the case. don't conclude too much.

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

Interesting, where are you getting your data? I would love to read it if you have conflicting information from another source.


  1. […] I know many people have different reasons for eating vegan.  Some do it for health reasons, some do it because they see it as a good way to conserve the earth or because they don’t like the way animals are treated when they are raised for food.  I personally didn’t do this because of animal rights or for political reasons, I decided to give this a try for health reasons.  The documentary Forks Over Knives does a good job of explaining many of the reasons I gave this a try.  If you haven’t seen it, you can read my review HERE. […]

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