Focus T25 Review – Week 1

focus t25 reviewIf you haven’t heard of it, Focus T25 is Shaun T’s latest workout, designed to give you great results in a relatively short amount of time.  The program is just 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  Many people have the excuse that they are too busy to workout.  This throws that excuse out the window!  Who doesn’t have 25 minutes a day 5 days a week?  If you’re serious with yourself, I think you can find that kind of time to improve your health.  So since I just got through my first week of the Alpha Phase, I wanted to give you my Focus T25 review.

Focus T25  Review – Alpha Phase

I’ll write up more Focus T25 reviews as I progress through the program, so this will only focus on the Alpha Phase.  The Alpha Phase is designed to give you a base for the rest of the program.  It should give you a solid understanding of how the program is structured and allow you to build up your endurance to get ready for the Beta Phase and the Gamma Phase (if you choose to do it).

There are two things I really like about the Alpha Phase:

1. You don’t need any equipment for any of the workouts.

2. Tania is showing you how to modify every move in every workout.

The fact that you don’t need any equipment just makes this more accessible to more people.  All you need is some space to do the workouts and a DVD player.  It’s amazing how much Shaun T can get you sweating in just 25 minutes using only your body.  I’ve probably sweat more in some of these workouts than I ever have.  Just because it’s the Alpha Phase does not mean it’s easy!  I also appreciate that Tania is showing low impact modifications for every single move of every workout.  If you have bad joints, are just getting started, or need to take it a notch down during the workout just follow Tania!  You will still get a great workout in, but are able to reduce the intensity if you need to.

Focus T25 Review – Alpha Workouts

There are 5 Alpha Phase workouts and I wanted to touch on each one in this Focus T25 Review:

1. Cardio – This is the first workout you’ll do and I was honestly a little anxious to see how it would go.  It’s 25 minutes straight with literally no breaks.  As the title suggests it’s all cardio moves.  If you’ve done Insanity, I feel it’s very similar to the Pure Cardio workout.  It’s intense, with each set of moves leading to a burnout that is pretty tough.  Shaun does give you a little active recovery in there, but for the most part you’re giving your all for 25 minutes.

2. Speed 1.0 – Shaun T incorporates more striking moves and stretching into Speed 1.0.  I would say I felt pretty uncoordinated in this workout.  I enjoyed having the stretching mixed in, but that didn’t necessarily make it easier.  It forces you to contract your core while you’re a little winded so that was harder than I expected.  There are definitely some new moves in this one that will take me a little bit to get comfortable with.

3. Total Body Circuit – If this were P90X, you might call this the “mother of all workouts” for the Alpha Phase.  You really do work your whole body in this one and it is intense.  I was absolutely pouring sweat at the end of it.  There are a lot of plank moves and I really felt this one in my core and shoulders.  It’s fast-paced and there are no breaks so get ready for a great calorie burn.  I burned almost 600 calories in this short 25 minute workout!

4. Ab Intervals – As the title suggests, you are mostly focusing on your abs in this workout.  You’re still getting your heart rate up with some cardio moves, but it’s mostly ab/core moves.  There is a plank/downward dog progression, more planking, spider moves, mountain climbers, etc.  In my opinion, this is the best ab workout I have ever done.

5. Lower Focus – Like his other workouts, Shaun T really knows how to hit your legs.  There are tons of lunges and squats, and burnouts to enjoy.  With the fast pace and all the lunges and squats, your heart rate will get up high very quickly and stay there.  This is an awesome leg workout which I was feeling for a couple days after finishing.

Focus T25 Review – More to Come

So there you have it, my Focus T25 Review for the Alpha Phase.  I honestly think this is a program that anyone can enjoy.  If you want it to be intense, you can push yourself hard for 25 minutes straight.  If you want it to be a little easier because you’re just getting started or have some bad ankles/knees you can follow the modified moves for part of the workout or the whole thing.  I am absolutely loving the workouts and highly recommend it.

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As I work through the Beta and Gamma Phases I will continue to update you all with what I think.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Alpha Phase prepares me for the Beta and Gamma Phases, so make sure to check back often for those results.  So that’s all for my Focus T25 Review, but there will be more to come!



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