Focus T25 Beta Phase Review

beta phase reviewIf you’re unfamiliar with Shaun T’s new program, Focus T25, it’s broken down into 3 phases.  You have the Alpha Phase, Beta Phase and finally the Gamma Phase.  In case you missed it, I already wrote a review of the Alpha Phase.  I’m just finishing up my second week of the Beta Phase so I wanted to write up a quick review of these workouts since I’ve had a chance to go through them a couple times.

T25 Beta Phase Workouts

I have to admit, I was a little nervous/excited to start the T25 Beta Phase.  Alpha Phase was difficult, so I was thinking that Beta Phase was going to be really hard.  But I did know that the Alpha Phase was designed to get me ready for these workouts.  Just like all workouts in the program, the Beta Phase workouts are only 25 minutes.  One big difference in the Beta Phase is that you start adding resistance training to the mix!  I really enjoy that and it definitely ups the intensity of the workouts.  So it’s definitely a new challenge and here is a little breakdown of each workout:

Core Cardio – This is the first workout in the Beta Phase.  You don’t need any equipment for this one.  Shaun T takes the Cardio workout from the Alpha Phase and puts a new focus on the core throughout the whole 25 minutes.  Every move makes you engage your core and there are some tough moves including squat and lunge pulses.  There’s a Burn Out at the end, where you really need to dig deep.

Speed 2.0 – Again, no equipment needed for this one.  All the Speed workouts seems to make me feel uncoordinated.  My first time through this workout, I was really focusing on how to perform the moves correctly.  My second time was a lot smoother.  It’s fast paced and you will really be sweating by the end!

Rip’t Circuit – This is the first workout where you get to add weights!  Shaun T + weights = scary.  It might take a couple times through to understand how much weight you need.  It pretty much follows a pattern of cardio, upper body, lower body, abs & repeat.  I was able to use 25 lbs for every move except the front and lateral shoulder raises.  The cast doesn’t actually change weights, so if you’re going to, you’ve got to be fast.  This is a really fun workout with a lot of variety.  It might be my favorite workout in the entire program.

Dynamic Core – All you need is a miniMAT or a yoga mat.  This is the core workout for the Beta Phase.  Shaun T works your core from all angles.  You start with moves on your feet and move to moves on the floor.  This is a workout where you need to focus on your form.  If you don’t focus on your form, you can easily just go through the motions and not get that great of a workout in.  But if you really focus on your core you will get a great workout.

Upper Focus – As you could guess, you need dumbbells or resistance bands for this one.  You get moves for your shoulders, biceps, back, chest and triceps.  None of your upper muscle groups get a break 🙂  You get some cardio to start it off with to get your HR rate up, but after that it’s mostly resistance moves.  Again, weight selection is important because it’s a fast-paced workout.  I was actually surprised with how many calories I burned during this workout.

Focus T25 Beta Phase Review

The Beta Phase is definitely a step up from the Alpha Phase.  But if you’ve gone through the Alpha Phase, you should absolutely be ready for these workouts.  Tania is still there modifying everything, so if you still have that option.  And just because these workouts are only 25 minutes, that doesn’t mean you won’t get a great workout.  I burned between 450-525 calories in each workout.  I truly believe it’s a workout that you can make as hard or as easy as you want.  It’s good for people at all levels.  So if you’re about to finish up the Alpha Phase, I hope this Beta Phase Review helps you prepare!



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