Fitbit Flex Review

fitbit flex reviewThese days there are countless devices to monitor your health, workouts, weight, etc.  Nike, Polar, Garmin, Fitbit, etc., the list really goes on and on.  I’ve had a heart rate monitor for a long time, but I’ve never had an activity tracker.  So when I was offered the chance to win one just for participating in a health challenge at work I jumped on the opportunity.  For participating, we all received the Fitbit Flex.  Fitbit makes a bunch of different devices, from things you clip on your clothes, to watches, to scales.  Now that I’ve had the Fitbit Flex for a little while, I figured I would write a short review.

Fitbit Flex Review – What Does It Do

Different devices all have different functionality.  You wear the Fitbit Flex on your wrist like a watch, and it tracks your steps, miles walked, calories burned, “active” minutes and also your sleeping pattern.  It syncs with their website or an app on your phone/tablet and that’s how you see the results.

There’s also an indicator on the outside that shows you your progress towards your step goal.  When you tap it twice, it will light up.  There are 5 lights, each one indicating 20% of your daily goal.

The idea is that you wear it all the time.  You wear it when you workout, when you shower, throughout your day and when you’re sleeping.  I did a bit of research on it to make sure I wasn’t going to ruin it by wearing it in the shower, and everything I’ve read says that it’s no problem to do that.  I don’t know about swimming, but I don’t really do much of that.  If I am going in a lake, I’ll take mine off.

Fitbit Flex Pros

There are a number of things I really like about the Fitbit Flex.  I like:

  • The look and feel.  It’s not super thin, but the bands are fairly plain so it doesn’t really stand out that much.
  • The light indicator, telling you how far you’ve gone.  There have been numerous times that Rochelle and I will go for a walk at night because we haven’t hit our step goal.
  • The sleep tracking.  I find it really interesting to look at how many times I’m awake or restless at night, and correlate that to how I feel the next day.
  • The website/app that comes with it.  The app syncs via bluetooth, so I can check it any time.  I think the app is really easy to navigate and gives me the info I want.  There are also discussion boards and groups if you’re looking for some community.
  • The battery life.  It lasts about 5 days and only probably takes a couple hours to charge.

Fitbit Flex Cons

Overall I do really like the Fitbit Flex, but there are some things I don’t love about it.

  • The “active” minutes never really seem accurate.  I’m not exactly sure how this is calculated, but I notice that after several of my workouts, they aren’t really logged as active minutes to me.
  • There’s no good way for it to measure how many calories you’ve burned.  Without knowing your heart rate, it’s not going to be accurately measuring your calories burned.
  • In my opinion it’s overpriced at $100.

Would I recommend it?  Fitbit Flex Review

So as you can see, to me there are definitely more pros than cons.  But when it comes down to it, would I recommend it?  My answer is no.  Mostly based on price.  I really think it’s a bit expensive for what it does.  Does it provide some level of motivation?  Sure.  But I think a heart rate monitor would give you more useful information, and you can get a high quality monitor for under $100.  If the Fitbit Flex measured your heart rate and gave you an accurate number of calories burned, then I’d think it would be worth it.  But basically, I see it as a glorified pedometer.  If it’s working for you and it’s helping you stay motivated, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  But if you have $100 to spend and want to improve your health, I think there are a few other options that would be a better use of your money.

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