Feeling Sick?

feeling sickAs you eat healthier and workout more, one huge benefit you’ll notice is that you get sick less.  Fewer colds, less indigestion, etc.  Your immune system is strengthened when you’re feeding your body what it needs and you’re better able to fight off things that might normally make you sick.  And that’s all great.  But it’s still going to happen from time to time.  So what do you do when you’re feeling sick?

Feeling Sick – Do I Workout?

So if you’re not feeling well, should your workout?  Or should you just take it easy?  That can be a tough call and can depend on the situation.  I know I’ve had times where I might have a headache or a sore throat and working out even feels like it helps me get past those things.  In general, if I’m not feeling super sick, I try to power through my workouts and get them done.  I feel like they help my body get over whatever small bug it might be dealing with.

On the other hand, if you are really under the weather with a bad head cold or you’re coughing up stuff from your lungs, then working out probably is not a good idea.  At that point, you need rest.  Working out will most likely make things worse and you’re not going to be able to go very hard during your workout anyways.  So if you’re seriously sick, then I would advise you to not workout.  You could end up keeping yourself down for longer.

Nutrition When You’re Feeling Sick

Many people worry that they will lose all their results when they get sick.  They think just because they’re not working out that they’re going to put all that weight back on that they worked so hard to lose.  Well that doesn’t have to be the case.  My number 1 piece of advice for when you’re sick is stick with your nutrition.  You might have to eat fewer calories since you’re not working out, but otherwise you need to stick to your nutrition plan.

That’s the best possible thing you can do for yourself when you’re sick.  It’s not only going to help keep you on track to reach your goals, it will help you get better, faster.  That’s what I’ve done as I’ve been sick.  I stick closely to my nutrition plan, drink my Shakeology every day and drink plenty of water.  I make sure my body gets what it needs to fight off the bug and get better.  The last thing you want to do when you’re sick is let your nutrition slide.

Where Do I Pick Back Up

So now that you’re feeling better, where do you pick back up?  Do you need to restart the whole program or can you pick back up where you left off?  For me, this depends where I’m at in my schedule.

If I was just 1 week into my program or into a phase, I would start back from the beginning.  If I was 2 or more weeks in, I would just pick back up where I started.  That’s just how I would handle it.  I’m not overly concerned with finishing my program exactly 60 or 90 days from when I started because that’s not the point.  The point is to get healthier.  If that takes you 65 days instead of 60 or 100 days instead of 90, who cares?  The important thing is that you’re a healthier version of you at the end.

So if you’re feeling sick, stick with this plan and hopefully you’ll get back up on your feet quick!



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