Exercise and Depression

Depression can be an absolutely terrible thing to go through.  It really can affect all areas of your life and cause you to not be yourself.  I know depression can lead to a sedentary lifestyle too, where you feel like you can’t get out of bed, or don’t want to leave your home.  It can keep you very isolated, which just makes things worse.  Not only is depression horrible for your mental health, but it’s bad for your physical health.  Many overweight and out of shape people suffer from depression, and the fact that they are overweight can also deepen their depression, because they don’t feel good about the way they look.  It really can be a viscous cycle.

One way to combat depression is with regular exercise.  There have been several studies on how exercise can improve symptoms of depression, and most studies show that regular exercise does reduce the symptoms of depression.  One reason is that during exercise your body releases endorphins, which reduce your perception of pain.  This often leads to you feeling better, and during very intense physical exercise, some people feel what they refer to as a “runner’s high”.  This alone can improve your mood.  Exercise has also been shown to:

-reduce stress
-help you sleep better
-increase your energy levels
-reduce feelings of anxiety

These are just a few of the benefits of regular exercise.  Not to mention all the other health related benefits like reducing blood pressure, reducing your cholesterol, strengthen your bones, and the list goes on.  Basically, this can be a great way to break yourself out of the rut that depression often puts people in.  You’ll be feeling better, sleeping better, and looking better which can improve your self-esteem and reduce the symptoms of depression.

Another great thing, specifically about Beachbody, is that we have a whole community of people who are all striving to lead healthier lives.  Often when people are depressed they feel isolated as well.  One way to combat that is getting involved in the Beachbody community.  You can join this team and be motivated by us, and you can go to teambeachbody.com as well to check out the message boards there.  People are incredibly supportive which is really encouraging for people who need a lift.

So if you or someone you know are suffering from depression, then I would encourage you to start exercising regularly.  Try P90X, Insanity, ChaLEAN Extreme, etc. and see how you start feeling.  I think you’ll find that your energy levels will be boosted and your symptoms of depression will decrease.  We’ve got a great team here just waiting to support you in your journey to not only physical, but also mental health!


that's why i went to dance class when im off ....steaching out and dance than sweat ur butt off....that feeling is really good....now early morning spent one hour with tony it make ur life more great snd heathy......just smile everyday.....hahahaa.....so BRING IT!

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

Absolutely Aaron, don't you just love that feeling?!

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