Do you feel sluggish throughout your day or do you struggle to make it through work without feeling tired?  I know that’s how I felt before I really started taking my health seriously.  I would feel sleepy throughout my day and even find it tough to stay awake while driving at times which was pretty scary.   I would be nearly falling asleep in meetings, which was pretty embarrassing.  I tried to avoid caffeine as much as possible because I really didn’t want to get addicted to it, but inevitably I would have a cup of coffee on the really tough days.  I was getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night but I still felt tired.

It wasn’t until I started Insanity and actually paying very close attention to what I ate that I started feeling more energized throughout my day.  I found that even though the workouts were exhausting, they gave me more energy.  I felt much more alert and could focus better. I also found that I didn’t feel drowsy after lunch because I was eating less and eating better foods.  I wasn’t weighed down by a big hamburger or pizza anymore.

As I look back at how I used to feel it’s actually pretty amazing, especially thinking that almost all of my good friends were very aware of how tired I was and would comment on how much I liked to nap.  Obviously I had an energy problem.  But now that I’m in much better shape thanks to Insanity, P90X and Shakeology, I don’t feel the need to nap anymore.  I’m much more productive at work since I’m not so tired and can enjoy my time at home more too since I’m not just thinking about wanting to go to bed.

So if you’re feeling sluggish and tired throughout your day, really take a hard look at what you’re eating and make sure you’re getting your workout in.  You may think that if you get up early to workout before work that it’s just going to make you drowsy the rest of the day, I think you’ll be surprised that it will have the exact opposite effect on your energy levels.  I can’t workout in the morning every day because I’ll wake up my neighbors, but on the days I can, I notice that I’m much more alert and focused at work.  You and everyone else around will notice when you start taking your health seriously.  Not only will you look better, but you’ll be more energized and able to better connect with those around you throughout your day.

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