Doubles Schedule

doubles scheduleOften times when people start out they are very ambitious.  They are excited to workout and lose a lot of weight.  And that’s good!  I love the energy that most people have when they start out.  Frequently they want to jumpstart their results and that can lead to questions about doing a doubles schedule.  The other most common time I get questions about it is when people aren’t really seeing the results they want.  Maybe someone is doing P90X or TurboFire and they’re not seeing the weightloss they want, so they start thinking about doing a doubles schedule.

What Is a Doubles Schedule?

So what really is a doubles schedule?  Just like it sounds, it means you’re doing double workouts.  Basically you would do one workout in the morning and then another workout in the afternoon or evening.  The P90X fitness guide actually has a doubles schedule all laid out that you can follow.  It utilizes Cardio X as the second workout on resistance days.  Another popular doubles schedule is to combine Insanity with P90X workouts.  So you get your intense cardio from Insanity and then good resistance training from P90X.

So again, it’s just like it sounds.  You do two workouts in one day and you get one massive calorie burn that day.

Should You Do a Doubles Schedule?

So should you be  doing a doubles schedule?  Should you try to fit in a cardio workout and then a resistance workout later?  In 99% of cases, my answer is no, you should not do a doubles schedule.  There are a number of reasons that make me think it’s not an appropriate schedule to follow:

1. Time – Realistically, most people do not have 2 full hours to workout a day.  I know I certainly don’t.  So trying to squeeze in 2 workouts in your day just probably won’t happen on a regular basis.

2. Risk of injury – When you are working out that much, your risk of injury goes up.  I think about this especially when people do an Insanity and P90X doubles schedule.  Both programs are intense, and putting your body through that many intense workouts is going to wear it down and could lead to injuries, which would sidetrack your progress.

3. Not needed – This is by far my main objection to doing a doubles schedule.  It’s not needed!  To get good results, you absolutely do not need to do a doubles schedule.  If you really give your all to one workout a day, that is definitely enough.  If you can put yourself through an Insanity workout and then later do a P90X workout, I would really question your effort in either workout.  Are you going hard in each workout?  I know I do when I workout, and thinking about doing another one a matter of hours later is not appealing because I know my performance would suffer.

What To Do Instead of a Doubles Schedule?

So now I’m saying you shouldn’t do a doubles schedule.  But what should you focus on instead?  That’s simple.  You should focus on:

1. Giving your all to one workout a day

2. Nutrition!

Like I already said, if you put your best effort forth for one workout a day, that is enough.  You can get great results by doing just one workout every day. If you follow one of the programs laid out by Beachbody or create your own you will get a good mix of cardio and resistance training.  Focus on going hard in that one workout and you don’t have to worry about doing another workout.

Second is your nutrition. You really can’t out-train a bad diet.  But this is why I think a majority of people want to do a doubles schedule.  They don’t have good control on their nutrition, so instead of eating better, they want to burn more calories with their workouts.  That is not the solution!  Instead of trying to burn off the junk you eat, you need to clean up your diet.  With proper nutrition, you will see the results you want from one workout a day.

I am a big opponent of doing a doubles schedule, if you focus on your one workout and nutrition you will see the results you want!



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