Don’s No Excuse P90X Transformation

Don is a fellow coach and has seen some amazing results with P90X!  Even though his first attempt didn’t go as planned he didn’t let that stop him.  He re-committed himself along with a group of other like-minded people and just crushed his first complete round of P90X!  Check out what total commitment to the workouts and nutrition can do when you don’t let excuses get in the way:

don's p90x transformation


Here’s Don’s story in his own words.  You can check out more at his website,

I did not always look this way to be quite honest. It wasn’t that long ago I was 45lbs heavier and what we would call OBESE!

I have always been overweight as long as I can remember. I never played sports in school or really did any kind of exercise for any period of time. I thought I was strong; but I always carried a large belly full of fat. I would watch the infomercials and have the thoughts, “Can I do that?”, “One day.” or “Wouldn’t it be cool to look like that?”…and on and on. For 6 years I said those things.

I went to a Youth Leaders Conference in late March of 2011 and I’d had enough of the way I felt. We had taken lots of photos and when we went back home I didn’t like any of them. I wanted to put some on some Facebook to share my trip. But I just couldn’t put them up because I didn’t like the way I looked. That was it for me! I told myself NOW or NEVER………….

So I started looking into different programs but kept coming back to P90X. There just was something about that program…I wanted to do this one. I found Coach Wayne and teamRIPPED and told my wife this was It………..

I started my P90X journey May 9, 2011 and did 1 round of P90X. I finished in early August of 2011. I did have some obstacles that came up during this time that hampered my progress. My nutrition went down but I still pushed play (for the first 60 days).

I was a little discouraged with my results, as my goal was to be able to say, “Before I’m 42 I would be in the best shape of my life.” (That birthday was January 11, 2012)

Then in early October Team Ripped put out a challenge for people just like me called Team Ripped Misfits Challenge. The challenge was to push play everyday and eat CLEAN and record daily your workout and nutrition. I knew this was the answer to help me get to my goal. So October 10, 2011, at 23% body fat and 205 lbs, I started P90X classic with the Misfits!

Everyday I did my workouts at 5:15 am and followed the fat shredder nutrition plan at 1800 calories at 50/30/20. Yes, it was hard because of what was ahead, especially in the area of nutrition (wedding anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years). I did not let this hamper me this time and stuck to the plan. I recorded my workouts and nutrition daily and the support was amazing with all the other “Misfits.”

Well, fast forward to the end – I did it! January 8, 2012, 90 days later, I finished P90X classic with the Misfits. I can honestly say before my 42nd Birthday that I am in the best shape of my LIFE :)

Now I have a new set of goals for 2012 and P90X2. I want to be featured in the P90X2 infomercial. So I will push play everyday! You can count on that!

P.S. Now my wife calls me her “Eye Candy” LOL

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