Decide Commit Succeed

decide commit succeedIf you’ve ever done a Beachbody workout, you have seen the little banner role across with the Beachbody motto, Decide Commit Succeed.  Have you ever really thought about that phrase and what it means or looks like when put into practice?  It’s really simple, but it’s also genius I think.  It’s a proven formula for success.  If you follow it, you will see results.  But when you dig into the details, what does it really look like in practice?


Decide is the first part of the equation.  So what are you deciding?  In my mind, you’re deciding a number of things:

-You’re deciding that you’ve had enough of being unhealthy and out of shape.

-You’re deciding that you want to make a change.

-You’re deciding on your specific goals, what you want to accomplish.

-You’re deciding why you want to accomplish your goals (this is incredibly important!).

-You’re deciding what program will help you reach your goals best.

You’re probably deciding a number of other things as well, but I think these are the most important.  When you get started, you need to be clear about what you want to accomplish and why it’s important to you.  If you don’t know your “why” then when things get tough you’re most likely not going to stick with it.  But basically, at this stage you’re deciding what you want to accomplish, why you want to accomplish it, and what you’re going to use to reach your goals.


Now on to the all important stage of committing.  It sounds so easy, doesn’t it?  But this is where people stumble the most.  To be successful, you must commit yourself to sticking with your program, both the exercise and the nutrition.  You can’t let excuses get in the way and stop you from reaching your goals.

The worst thing you can do is get up every day and try to decide when you’re going to workout that day.  When you commit to your workout, it’s not a daily decision of if you’re going to workout.  You shouldn’t really even have to figure out when it’s going to happen.  It should just be a part of your daily routine.  You can’t tell yourself that “If I feel awake enough in the morning I’ll workout, otherwise I’ll just keep sleeping“.  If you do that, 10 times out of 10 you’ll keep sleeping.  I was never a morning person before, but now I get up at 5 AM every day because I’m committed to getting my workout done and to doing some coaching activities as well.

The same thing goes for nutrition as well.  To see good results, you have to be truly committed to your nutrition plan.  You can’t just “eat healthy” or let yourself cheat a few times a week.  You have to plan out what you’re going to eat and stick to that.  You have to pack a lunch for work along with some healthy snacks so that when someone brings in donuts to work, you don’t feel the need to eat one.

Many people quit because they’re not truly committed.  They start skipping workouts because they let other things get in the way or they stop following their nutrition plan because it’s inconvenient at times or they don’t prepare well.  Or I get the all too common excuse of “I’m too busy”.  To me that just means you’re prioritizing other things ahead of your health.  You have 30-60 minutes a day to get a workout in.  People who are committed don’t let that be an excuse.  They just make it work to get a workout in and to follow their nutrition plan.


This is the fun part.  I absolutely love hearing about people’s success, and I like to show off people who have seen great results to help motivate all of you too.  When you get the first to parts right, decide and commit, then your only option is to be successful.  These programs work, the nutrition works.  It’s proven by the hundreds of thousands of people who are seeing awesome results.  I’ve been in the best shape of my life and have way more energy than before.  I hear the same thing from people on my team who are really putting in the work during their workouts and who are following their nutrition guide to a T.  That’s why these people have been successful:


insanity results



insanity results



And that’s just a few people, I could keep posting tons and tons of people who have totally turned their health around and have seen great success.  These are ordinary people who decided that their health was important and committed to making the change.  I want to see you succeed too because I know you can!

If you know it’s time to make a change and you want to get started, make me your coach and I will get you going on the right track!

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