Day 4

Team New Body Bootcamp Day 4: “A Look Inside My Kitchen”

I only thought it would be fair if I gave you a good look into my kitchen. So without further adieu, check out what I eat every day…

Again, I can’t stress it enough, nutrition is where you get results! Yes you need to workout, but you absolutely cannot out-train a bad diet! It’s just not possible.

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I know I’ve talked about it a lot, but that should clue you in to how important the nutrition is! If you are just doing the workouts, you’re not actually doing the total program, whether it’s P90X, Insanity, ChaLEAN Extreme, etc. You need to follow the nutrition guides as well to get the most out of those programs and to maximize results!


Very good video. I eat a lot of the same stuff which is good to know. Thanks coach T !!!

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