Day 3

Team New Body Bootcamp Day 3: “Dialing In Your Nutrition”

Today’s lesson is incredibly important. So watch the video first, then move on to the posts linked below the video to help you really dial in your nutrition.


Now that you’ve watched the video, there are a few article you should read through to help you get your nutrition plan really dialed in.

1) P90X Nutrition Guide Overview

2) How Many Calories Do I Need?

3) Calorie Tracking Resources

4) Cheat Meals

5) My 1900 Calorie Diet – the exact meal plan I followed during my first round of P90X

Your nutrition is absolutely critical! If you don’t nail this and stick to it, you’re going to have a lot harder time getting good results. That’s not what I want! Nutrition will give you 80% of your results, so you must put in the time here. Read these articles and feel free to message me with questions as you get started!

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Hey Tom, I don't have a smartphone, still have the flip phone, and a tablet. Can I scan with a tablet? Keeping track of the calories taken in is my hardest thing so far. I have signed up with MFP and have an acct. Thanks for any suggestions! Susan

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

Hey Susan, I don't have a tablet myself, but if it has a camera I would imagine it would work. MFP is by far the easiest tool I've seen to track calories and their database is amazing. I would make sure you have an idea of the measurements of the food you're eating, as portion size can really make a big difference. Tom

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