Day 1

Team New Body Bootcamp Day 1 – “Get in the Right Mindset”


Now that you’ve watched the video, take action! Your mindset is crucial to your success with any fitness program. Write down your goals, write down your why, and put them where you can see them!

Stay tuned for Day 2 of your FREE Team New Body Bootcamp video series! Be sure you email me if you have any questions at

Brianj08 1 Like

Like the video. Puts everything into perspective .

tmuellenberg moderator

@Brianj08 Glad to hear that was helpful!

Susan 1 Like

Thanks Tom! Awesome video and very helpful. Thanks so much for making these for us. Susan

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

No problem Susan! Glad you're enjoying the videos!


Friggin awesome video!!!

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

Thanks Jeff, glad you like it!

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