Dangers of Bulking

dangers of bulkingSince I’m doing another round of Body Beast right now, I thought it might be a good time to bring this topic up.  It’s not an uncommon goal for a guy to want to bulk up and put on some serious muscle.  I think Beachbody really nailed it when they created Body Beast.  It’s a program mainly focusing on building muscle.  The workouts and nutrition are all geared towards that.  I think it can be a great program to lean out too, but that’s not usually why people choose Body Beast.  But for everyone bulking up, there is one thing I think you should be cautious of.

Don’t Bulk This Way

The main “danger of bulking” comes from how you try to bulk up.  If you read the Beast Nutrition Guide, it’s all healthy stuff.  It’s not telling you to pig out on pizza and burgers to put the weight on.  It tells you to eat nutritious food, and a lot of it.  But I think there’s a mindset that can lead to not the greatest results.

That mindset comes into play when thinking about making food choices.  If you’re bulking up, have you ever thought, “It’s alright if I eat this because I’m trying to put on weight” when it comes to things like junk food?  I know I’ve fallen into that trap.  It seems fine and doesn’t feel like it will be that bad, but it can be a slippery slope.   When you start justifying junk food, fast food, etc it can creep back in to being a normal part of your diet.

It will definitely put some size on you, but not the size you want!  If you fall into that trap, you’re just going to end up putting a lot of fat on.  You’ll still build muscle, but it’s going to be a lot of fat.  And that’s going to take a good amount of work to burn off when you try to lean out.  At that point you’re going to really need to cut out the junk food, which might be a lot harder if you’re used to eating whatever you want.

A Clean Bulk

A much better way to go about putting on muscle is doing a clean bulk.  Don’t get your calories from greasy, fatty, nutritionally empty foods.  Get your calories from whole foods and don’t cut out the vegetables just because they’re not high in calories.  Often times it might take supplementation to hit your calories and macros, but that’s ok.  If a majority of your food is coming from healthy sources, i.e. lean protein, whole grains, fruits/veggies, etc. then you won’t have to deal with all the fat to get rid of when you want to lean out.

So for those of you doing Body Beast with me, make sure you’re not slacking on your nutrition.  Take the same diligence you do when you’re trying to lose body fat.  You’ll be in a much better spot and get better results if you do.



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