Cutting Liquid Calories

cutting liquid caloriesThis is one thing that I think many people miss out on if they’re not paying attention to what they drink.  Have you ever tracked the number of calories you consume just in liquid form?  People often don’t realize how many calories they are taking in solely from things they drink.  The problem is that liquid calories add up very fast, don’t fill you up and can really keep you from seeing good results.

Liquid Calories – What Should I Cut?

Now I think it’s pretty obvious that you need to cut pop out.  I would even suggest cutting diet pop.  I know there are no calories, but artificial sweeteners are not good for you either.  If you want to see good results you absolutely have to cut pop out of your diet.  Even if it fits into your calorie budget it will be harmful.  They are all empty calories and give you no nutritional benefit.  Plus, it’s really easy to drink a lot of pop and not feel full so it often lead to going over your calorie budget as well.

So pop is the obvious thing.  But what about other drinks?  If you’re drinking lots of milk or juice everyday that can also really hamper your results too.  Juice is actually full of sugar giving you lots of simple carbs.  That can be very detrimental to weight loss and losing body fat.  So in my opinion, keep it to a max of one small glass a day if you can’t cut it out completely.  I would say the same goes for milk, especially if you don’t drink skim milk . It can be a big source of saturated fat and the calories can really add up fast.  Plus milk is also full of sugar, as lactose is a sugar.  We actually changed it up and drink almond milk now, since I cut out most dairy from my diet.  It only has 30 calories per cup, but I really only use it in recipes and on oatmeal.

Cut Liquid Calories And Feel Full

Not only will you find it much easier to cut calories from your nutrition plan, but you’ll also find that you feel full longer when you get most of your calories from food.  It’s just too easy to drink a bunch of pop, juice or milk and not really feel full.  Then you’re adding 200+ calories to your day without really feeling the effects.  Often when people start a new nutrition plan they complain about not feeling full.  Well here is a big solution to that issue.

Instead, eat something that’s high in fiber that will leave you feeling full longer.  Eat a piece of fruit rather than juice.  It’s not processed and has all it’s fiber, which will leave you feeling full while still tasting the fruit.  Plus there’s no added sugar.

So if you really want to find a place to cut calories, look at what you’re drinking every day. You might be surprised how many calories you consume just through drinks alone, and cutting those out can really help you see good results!

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