Creating a Hybrid

create a hybrid, creating a hybridIf you’re a regular here at Team New Body you know I love hybrid schedules.  It’s not that I don’t like doing Beachbody workout programs as they’re designed, but I like to keep things fresh too.  I like to have a good idea of what a program has to offer, though, so I will always do a new program by itself before mixing in other programs.  So if you’re curious how I create a hybrid, then keep reading.

Why Create a Hybrid?

So why create a hybrid in the first place?  Don’t programs like P90X or Insanity work well all by themselves?  Yes, they absolutely do.  When I started working out, I did a round of Insanity, then a round of P90X and then a round of Insanity: The Asylum.  And I had very good results from doing those programs.  I was down roughly 30 lbs and a lot of body fat.

One thing I noticed as I was doing P90X, was that Plyo X really wasn’t that challenging after just getting done with Insanity.  Not that it wasn’t a good workout, but it’s just not as hard as the Max workouts from Month 2 of Insanity. I also realized that the resistance training in P90X was better than anything from Insanity or Insanity: The Asylum.

So my solution?  Create a hybrid with all 3!  That way I was getting the best of both worlds.  I could do the great resistance routines from P90X while getting the killer cardio workouts from Shaun T.  It seemed like a great way to maintain my muscle mass from P90X while continuing to lose body fat.

The reason to create a hybrid, in my opinion, is that you can combine two different programs that have unique strengths.  That’s how I’ve treated it at least. Not only that, but doing a hybrid also keeps things fresh in my opinion.  You’re not listening to the same trainer every day.  That gets old to some people. I probably have all of Tony’s jokes from P90X memorized and still love hearing them, but I know not everyone is like that.  So with a hybrid you get to workout with multiple trainers.

Example Hybrid Schedules

Like I mentioned, I’ve created a lot of hybrid schedules over the past couple years.  Almost all of them I’ve done, but a couple were requests from people on our team.  Here are examples of what a hybrid schedule looks like:

P90X/Insanity/Asylum Hybrid

P90X/Insanity Hybrid

P90X/P90X2 Hybrid – My Results

ChaLEAN Extreme/Insanity Hybrid

P90X2/Asylum Hybrid – My Results

P90X/Body Beast Hybrid – My Results

As you can see, I’ve put together a number of schedules, and posted my results from those hybrids as well for a few of them.  I really have a lot of fun with each schedule and it keeps me from getting bored 🙂

Creating Your Own Hybrid

If you want to go out and create your own hybrid, I think that’s a great idea!  You can use these as templates.  It’s really pretty easy to do in my opinion.  Pick the workouts that show of the strength of each program, and combine them with each other.  Just make sure that you’re not working the same muscle group back to back if you have resistance training in there. Your body does need time to recover and you don’t want to overwork your muscles.


Hey....I guess you only do hybrids with the beachbody programs? I'm trying to figure out a hybrid for body beast and either UFC fit or George St Pierre's Rushfit? Any thoughts on those programs?


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