comparison picEver find yourself wishing you looked like someone else?  That celebrity you see in a magazine, the people you see on TV or just someone else you look up to in general?  I think this topic can apply to many areas of our lives, but I feel like it’s really rampant when it comes to fitness.  We compare ourselves to other people all the time, and I think that can be really detrimental to our own fitness journey.

Why Comparison Happens

I feel like one huge issue we do compare ourselves to other people is advertising in the fitness/supplement industry.  You see these jacked guys or ladies that seem to be in perfect shape on the cover of some add for a supplement.  What they’re trying to get you to think is that you’ll look like these people if you just take their supplement.  Whether it’s a fat burner or some other type of supplement, what they don’t tell you is how much work these people put into the gym, how long they’ve been at it or what their nutrition looks like.  They’re trying to sell you false hope that one pill is going to change everything or you.  In the documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster there’s a fitness model who admits he’s been using steroids for years, yet he shoots photos for a popular fat burning supplement.

On top of that, most people you see on TV or in movies, especially the ones in romantic comedies, always seem to be in great shape or are extremely attractive.  So whether it’s the fitness industry or just people you’re seeing on a screen, we’re seeing people who seem to “have it all” and are in great shape.  So it comes naturally that we would compare ourselves to them or want to look like them.

Why Comparison Hurts Your Journey

There are a few reasons why I think comparison can really hurt your own journey.  First, your genetics and body are unique to you.  Your metabolism is different than other’s.  How your body puts on fat or muscle, or loses fat or muscle is unique to you.  Basically your body is different than those people you see, so why would you expect to look just like them?  Often times if you have a specific person you want to look like, it might not even be possible to do that just because your body types are different.

Second, you don’t know how long those people have been working to be in the kind of shape they are.  Most likely, it didn’t take 2 weeks or a month.  They’ve probably spent years working hard, eating right and being consistent.  So don’t think that big change is going to happen overnight.

Finally, I think it can be extremely demotivating to your own journey because even if you start seeing slow progress, which is a good thing, you can feel down because you don’ t look like a specific person yet.  Or maybe even your progress isn’t as fast as someone else you know personally.  That can cause you to feel bad about your own progress, or even give up because you never think you’ll make it.

You vs You

Instead of comparing yourself to other people you know, celebrities, or fitness industry models, the best thing you can do is compete with yourself.  Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, last month, or last year.  Are you making progress with your health?  Are you feeling better?  Are you able to do more things that you want to do because you’re in better shape?  If you’re improving yourself, that’s what is important.  You’re never going to be someone else, so don’t worry about looking exactly like them.  Be proud of the progress you make, and stick with your plan daily.  Keep a log of your progress to make sure you can see what you’ve accomplished, as that can go a long in way in helping you stay motivated!


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