Common Exercise Excuses

common exercise excusesEver have a tough time sticking with a workout program or find reasons why you shouldn’t work out?  I get messages pretty frequently from people who for one reason or another aren’t getting their workouts in or aren’t sticking with their nutrition plan.  Since I know some people just need a kick in the rear end every once in a while, I wanted to address 3 common exercise excuses and how you can overcome them.  Sure there are a ton of excuses out there, I’ll address the most common exercise excuses I hear.

#1 Common Exercise Excuse – I don’t have time

This is by far the most common exercise excuse I hear.  You’re busy right?  You work a busy job, have family responsibilities, are involved at work, coach your kids sports team, etc.  How can you fit in a workout with all of those other responsibilities?  I don’t have kids yet, so it’s hard for me to relate to parents.  But since I’m very involved in the Beachbody community, I know tons of parents who are still able to make their health a priority, so I do know it’s possible.  To give you one good example, my coach has 5 kids, 3 orthodontist practices, is involved in his church, was top Beachbody Coach last year and also fits in his workout every day.  I don’t quite know how he does it, but he does!  Which makes me believe if he can get a workout in, anyone can.

So how can you overcome this common exercise excuse?  By making your health a priority!  If you really want to get your workout in, you will find the time.  One thing that is a huge help in overcoming this common exercise excuse is scheduling your workout into your day.  I know it might seem weird, but if you actually set an appointment with yourself and know when you’re going to get your workout in, you are much more likely to complete it.  And if you’ve read my article, the best time to exercise, you’ll know that I am a huge proponent of working out in the morning.  Why?  Because there are almost no distractions at 5:00 AM.  No one is going to call you, the kids are (hopefully) still sleeping, and you don’t have work getting in the way.  The only obstacle to working out early in the morning is usually the snooze button.  But if you’re serious about getting it in, then you will drag yourself out of bed and push play.

Also, if you tell me you’re too busy, and you’re watching any tv or playing video games, then I’m not going to take your excuse seriously!  If you have time to watch 1-2 hours of tv a day, then you can get your workout in.  It’s just a matter of priorities.  And one thing I’ve learned about people who are very busy but still very successful with their workouts or the coaching business is that they don’t watch tv!  So if you think you’re too busy, then maybe take a second look at your schedule and see what you’ve been putting ahead of your workout.

#2 Common Exercise Excuse – I just can’t stick with my program 

This is definitely the second most common exercise excuse I read on message boards or get in emails.  You’re having trouble sticking with your workout.  You do great for a week or two, but then you miss a workout and then another and before you know it you haven’t done anything in two weeks!  For some reason you just have trouble finding the motivation to stick with your workout.  I feel like I talk about this a lot too, but your motivation to exercise and get your workout in really has to come from yourself.  I can message you and check in with you constantly, but if you don’t really want to do it yourself, you won’t.  Don’t get me wrong, I think having a coach and being a part of a team really helps a lot, but it ultimately comes down to you.  What can really help keep you motivated, is to actually right down your goals and write down your “why”.  What do you want to accomplish and why do you want to stick with your workout program?  You need to think through this and actually write it down.  Then, when you’re not feeling like getting your workout in, go back and read your goals and your “why” and that should get you back on track.

So to overcome this common exercise excuse, you need to be focused on your goals, but being a part of a team certainly does help out as well.  There’s no reason to feel like you’re doing this alone!  You can join us and be a part of a very active team that encourages each other and won’t let these common exercise excuses get in the way!  So if you’re looking for a group to push you, follow this link to join our team.

#3 Common Exercise Excuse – I don’t know what to do 

If you’ve been out of shape for a while it can be very daunting to try and figure out what you should eat or what workout you should be doing, I totally get that.  So this common exercise excuse is very understandable.  But this is also why I really love Beachbody workout programs.  They lay it all out for you!  There’s no guesswork in the workouts, all you have to do is put the DVD in and hit play.  You don’t have to go to the gym and try to do what other people are doing or pay a personal trainer a ton of money to put a program together for you.  No matter what your fitness background is, you can follow instructions from Tony or Chalene or Shaun T.  I have quite a bit of experience with Beachbody programs, as I’ve completed P90X, Insanity, Asylum and P90X2, and Rochelle has done ChaLEAN Extreme and TurboFire.  If you need help figuring out what program would be good for you, I would be more than happy to find one that works.  So feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment here.  There is no reason to let this common exercise excuse hold you back.

So there you have it, the 3 most common exercise excuses I hear or read on a daily basis and how you can overcome them!  There are times when family issues or other things get in the way, and that’s very understandable, but for the most part you just need to make your workout a priority.  You have to care enough about your health to press play and get your workout in.  No one else can make you workout, you have to want it yourself.  So if you’re struggling with any of these common workout excuses I hope you can apply some of these techniques, because I love reading emails about your successes not your excuses!



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