My “Must Have” List

If I started P90X all over again, this is the list of what I would want to start with.  These are all things that I personally use now, so I’m speaking from experience.  That being said, my budget might be different from yours, so if some of these things aren’t in your budget that’s OK!  You have to make the right decisions to stay within your budget, so don’t feel pressured to buy anything!
This is just a list of things that I think are ideal to have if you are starting P90X

1) Pull-up bar with multiple hand positions:
Several of the exercises involve many different kinds of pull-ups.  Having a sturdy pull-up bar with multiple hand positions will allow you to complete all these exercises.  You will be using it a lot so get one made of high-quality material that will last!  I got mine from Target and it works well for me.  Beachbody also sells a pull-up bar that gets really good reviews and is made well.

2)Adjustable Dumbbells:
During the workouts you change from move to move fairly rapidly, so having adjustable dumbbells makes switching weights super easy and fast.  When I started out I did not have adjustable dumbbells and always had to pause the workout to change weights.  This got really old really fast and ended up making the workouts take longer.  I bought bowflex selecttech 552’s when they were on sale and absolutely love them!  They are definitely expensive (mine were $240 on sale, regular price $400) but they are well worth the investment!

3) Powerstands:
If you have any sort of wrist issues, these are a must.  They are made of steel and are extremely sturdy.  They have a non-slip bottom and a really wide base so they won’t tip over or give you and problems.  Using them puts your wrists in a much more comfortable position, so it makes doing push-ups much easier on your wrists.  I have previously broken my right wrist, so these help a ton.

4) Yoga mat:
There are several moves where you are on the floor, including all of Ab Ripper X, so having a good yoga mat is a must!  Your tailbone will thank you for getting a good yoga mat!   I bought mine at Target, and I know Beachbody also sells yoga mats.

5) Shakeology:
This is by far my favorite supplement and if I only took one supplement, this would be it.  When doing these workouts, it’s extremely important to fuel your body with the minerals, nutrients, probiotics, etc. that it needs to perform at a high level.  I know I get all of this with Shakeology, and it is by far the healthiest meal of my day.  Especially if you are running a calorie deficit like I have been, it’s important to get all the nutrients you need.  You most likely don’t get them in your diet, so Shakeology takes care of that.  To learn more, go

6) Whey protein powder:
It is extremely important to fuel your muscles with protein while doing these workouts, and using whey protein powder is one of the most efficient ways to get the amount of protein you need.  It’s a lot cheaper than eating 2 lbs. of chicken breasts every day!  Beachbody does sell whey protein powder, but I typically use EAS chocolate  whey protein powder.

7) A program to track your calories:
It is crucial that you track the calories that you eat.  Many people say nutrition makes up about 80% of your results, so tracking everything you eat is a must!  When people are frustrated by not seeing results it is typically due to their nutrition.  I know iPhone users really like the app Tap & Track, but I don’t have a smart phone so I use to track my calories.  It takes a little getting used to, but it gets easier the more you do it.  It is well worth the time to do this!!

8) Workout Sheets:
These are free and help you keep track of the weights/reps you do on each move throughout the workouts.  It is critical to track your progress so you know which weights to use and what number of reps you should shoot for.

9) Creatine:
This supplement helps volumize the muscles with water so that they can draw more nutrients in to aid with recovery and muscle building.  I get mine at Target.  It is important to cycle creatine, 2 months on and 1 month off.  If you are unsure about using creatine, google it and read multiple reviews.

10) Glutamine:
This is naturally occurring in our bodies and gets depleted during intense workouts.  It is essential to replenish your muscles with glutamine to help them repair themselves after intense workouts.  I get mine at GNC.

11) Recovery Drink:
You have a specific time period after your workout when your muscles are primed to receive nutrients.  This lasts for about an hour after your workout, so it’s important to fuel your body right away.  A good recovery drink will have a 4:1 carb to protein ratio.  I personally use the P90X Results and Recovery Formula and it works great for me.  There are other options out there, but that’s what works for me. To learn more go

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