My Keys to Success


Here is a list of the main things that have made me successful in my fitness journey.  Each one has been critical to my success.

1) My faith:
I’ve always known that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and is a gift from God.  Somewhere along the line I stopped being a good steward of my body, but once I realized that I decided to turn things around.  Knowing that God wants me to be a good steward of the body that He has given me has been a huge motivating factor that pushes me to get fit and stay fit.

2) My coach and teammates:
Through my experience in sports I know how important it is to have a good coach that can motivate and inspire you.  That’s why I picked a coach who I wanted to emulate.  Seeing his transformation and reading about his experience has been a big support for me.  I’ve also tried to surround myself with other people who are positive and will support me in my commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  Most important of all is my wife!  She has always been super supportive of my efforts which makes it so much easier to go after my goals!!

3) My nutrition:
This is probably the hardest part of a healthy lifestyle to get right, but committing to the P90X nutrition guide and actually tracking what I eat has been a huge key to my success.  I went through one month of Insanity without losing much weight because I didn’t change my diet.  Once I realized that, I decided to dial in my nutrition and I lost 17 lbs. in one month!!  I’m living proof that you can bring it as hard as you want in the workouts, but you won’t see the results you want if you don’t change your diet.  DO NOT let yourself slack in this area!!  Abs are made in the kitchen!

4) The workouts:
I BRING IT and DIG DEEP every day!  I’ve spent years going to the gym but have never seen these type of results before doing Beachbody routines (P90X and Insanity).  These workouts have helped me push through plateaus and keep my body guessing.  Plus, I love the fact that I can get my workout done in just 1 hour in my own living room.  If I were going to the gym, there is no way I could pack, drive there, workout, shower, and drive back in 1 hour and get these type of workouts in, and I never have to worry about feeling awkward that other people might see me struggle through certain moves!!  Also, there’s no ongoing cost of a gym membership, so it’s way cheaper in the long run.  I love the Beachbody programs!!


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