Chris Pratt Loses Weight With P90X

chris pratt before afterI’m kind of a big Parks and Rec fan, and if you’re familiar with the show you know Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer.   I love his character on the show and just find him hilarious.

A while back we were at a movie and I saw a preview for Guardians of the Galaxy.  Now I can’t say that it looks like the best movie ever, but what I did notice was that Chris Pratt looked a lot different than he does on the show.  You could just see it in his face and the shape of his body that he had really lost some weight and built some serious muscle.

I didn’t think a whole ton of it until I heard more recently how he did it.  He of course was focusing on his nutrition, but the cool thing is that he incorporated P90X into his workout schedule!  I always think it’s kinda cool when celebrities, who have access to pretty much anything they could want in the health and fitness world, choose to use the amazing workouts that Beachbody puts out.  So I’ll let you read more about his story here, but let give you confidence that these programs are legit!  They are designed to work and they get some serious results.


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