ChaLEAN Extreme Insanity Hybrid

chalean extreme insanity hybridI put together a pretty popular P90X/Insanity Hybrid but wanted to put together this ChaLEAN Extreme Insanity hybrid because I know many women, including my wife, prefer ChaLEAN Extreme to P90X.  I like going through programs as they’re designed, but I also think it’s fun to create hybrids.  It’s a good way to mix things up and put together the best parts of different programs.  So if you’re looking for a good program, give this ChaLEAN Extreme Insanity hybrid.

ChaLEAN Extreme Insanity Hybrid – ChaLEAN Extreme Workouts

So why include the ChaLEAN Extreme workouts in this ChaLEAN Extreme Insanity hybrid?  I actually recommend ChaLEAN Extreme to lots of people, mostly women.  The reason I do is because the resistance training in the program is awesome.  I think resistance training is important to incorporate in any workout program and personally love P90X, but not everyone likes all the pull-ups and push-ups.  ChaLEAN Extreme is the perfect solution for those who want resistance training but don’t want to do a ton of pull-ups and push-ups.  It’s a great way to burn fat and tone up.  Just check out Rochelle’s ChaLEAN Extreme results.

ChaLEAN Extreme Insanity Hybrid – Insanity Workouts

So if ChaLEAN Extreme is such a good workout, why incorporate Insanity into this ChaLEAN Extreme Insanity hybrid?  Well if you’ve done Insanity, you know nothing quite lives up to its intensity.  Outside of maybe Asylum 1 and Asylum 2, I think Insanity is the hardest workout put on DVD.  When it comes to cardio and plyometrics Insanity takes the cake.  So I wanted to include some intense cardio which will help your endurance and also help shed the fat too.

ChaLEAN Extreme Insanity Hybrid Month 1

Monday – Burn Circuit 1

Tuesday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Wednesday – Burn Circuit 2

Thursday – Cardio Recovery

Friday – Burn Circuit 3

Saturday – Cardio Power & Resistance

Sunday – Rest

ChaLEAN Extreme Insanity Hybrid Month 2

Monday – Push Circuit 1

Tuesday – Pure Cardio

Wednesday – Push Circuit 2

Thursday – Core Cardio & Balance

Friday – Push Circuit 3

Saturday – Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Sunday – Rest

ChaLEAN Extreme Insanity Hybrid Month 3

Monday – Lean Circuit 1

Tuesday – Max Interval Circuit

Wednesday – Lean Circuit 2

Thursday – Max Interval Plyo

Friday – Lean Circuit 3

Saturday – Max Cardio Conditioning

Sunday – Rest

Give This ChaLEAN Extreme Insanity Hybrid a Try!

I honestly think this is an awesome hybrid schedule that will help you maximize your results.  If you want intense cardio with great resistance training, this ChaLEAN Extreme Insanity hybrid is a great option.  If you don’t have the programs, you can find Insanity here and ChaLEAN Extreme here.



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