Calorie Tracking Resources

I know I say it a lot, but I really believe tracking what you eat every day is crucial to getting great results.  When I read the message boards and see that people are frustrated with not seeing good results, often times they are not tracking their calories.  Sometimes they mention that they are “eating healthy” but what does that is not specific at all, and most likely the reason they are frustrated is that they are not following a nutrition plan.  When you’re new to P90X, Insanity, or any other Beachbody program you often get more hungry than usual.  This can lead to overeating to not feel those cravings, and even little snacks can add up and cause you to consume too many calories.  And from a coaches perspective, it’s really hard to give someone advice who doesn’t know how many calories or what percentage of carbs/protein/fat they are eating.  If I don’t know what you’re eating, I can’t help you figure out what you should change!  So the first step is just tracking what you’re eating throughout the day.

This can seem difficult and time consuming, but once you get in the habit of doing it, it really becomes natural and doesn’t take much time.  There are a few resources that are helpful in tracking your calories.  The include:

-Tap & Track for iPhones (I don’t have an iPhone but I know a ton of people that use this app and love it)
-myfitnesspal for other smart phones (I don’t have a smart phone either, but again, I’ve heard good reviews of this)  (This is what I personally use.  I think it’s really nice that you can create your own foods and even find some restaurant foods.  I think it’s very user friendly and self-explanatory,) (For figuring out nutritional values for restaurants.  My wife just found this and thought you all would like to see it.  It seems super helpful for when you go out to eat.  That can often be the hardest thing to figure out, so this tool should help!)

So those are just some popular tools that people often use to track their calories.  If you haven’t started yet, I challenge you to just keep a notebook with you and simply write down everything that goes in your mouth for a week.  You don’t even necessarily have to go and figure out the nutritional value of that week, I really just want to get you in the habit of tracking.  After that week I challenge you to use one of these tools and actually figure out your calore and % c/p/f ratios.  Look for a healthy eating challenge that I’ll be putting out soon!



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