Body Beast Supplements

body beast supplementsWith the release of Body Beast, Beachbody is also going to roll out a new line of supplements specifically designed to help you maximize your results with the program.  I don’t have all the information about the specifics yet, but as more details come out I will update this post and keep you updated on exactly what Body Beast Supplements are coming out.  They have released a video giving a few details on what will be involved and I’ll include a little breakdown as well.  Sounds like they’re going more natural with the ingredients which is a good sign.  But here’s the video on the new supplements coming out.

Body Beast Supplements Breakdown

body beast supplements1) Fuel Shot.  From the video, Fuel Shot looks to be a recovery drink, and I’m guessing it’s similar to the P90X Results and Recovery Formula.  I currently use the P90X R&R and really like it, but when the nutrition label is available I’ll be checking out what all is in Fuel Shot.  A recovery drink is going to be critical in my opinion for Body Beast because you’re going to want to get your muscles recovered as fast as possible after these workouts that look pretty intense.

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body beast supplements2) Hardcore Base Shake.  To me this sounds like a good whey protein isolate shake.  Whey isolate is the highest quality whey protein out there, so this should be a good option.  I’m guessing it will also include some BCAA’s, but I can’t confirm that.  It’s unflavored so it should be a great option to mix in with other shakes or drinks that you already make and should really help you put on the muscle.  It will be an easy way to get a good amount of protein in your system which you will want if you’re trying to put on size.

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body beast supplements3) M.A.X. Creatine. This is a pure creatine monohydrate supplement.  Creatine monohydrate has been studied thoroughly and is shown to improve performance  during intense workouts.  I currently use creatine monohydrate and do find that it helps my workouts.  I won’t necessarily switch to this product, but I do recommend it if you’re looking to put on size.  For me it helps reduce my recovery time and has helped increase my strength.

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body beast supplements4) Super Suma.  Out of the 4 new supplements this is the one that is most intriguing.  The Super Suma is supposed to boost your natural testosterone levels, helping increase your strength and performance during the workouts.  I have not tried anything like this, so I look forward to doing more research on it and giving it a try.

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Body Beast Supplements Release Date

**Beachbody just released the Body Beast supplements, so they are available to order!!

So far I don’t know when the Body Beast supplements will be ready for purchase, but I will continue to update this post when I find out more information.  I’m assuming they will be released alongside the program, which is supposed to be scheduled for late summer.  As with most release dates, that is subject to change.

For those of you interested I will keep you updated as I hear more news, and in the mean time I hope this gives you a good overview of the new Body Beast Supplements coming out!



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