Body Beast Review – Bulk Phase

Since I finished this phase up a couple weeks ago, I wanted to make sure I gave you  quick Body Beast review of the Bulk Phase.  If you’ve missed my earlier review, make sure you check out my review of the Build Phase too.  The two phases are definitely different but both are still focused on putting on mass, which I think they’ve done a good job of.

Body Beast Review- Bulk Phase Workouts

body beast reviewThe Bulk Phase is still focused just on adding mass, and the workouts reflect that.  The workouts in the Bulk Phase are some of my favorites for a few reasons.

First off, the workouts are actually pretty short.  Typically they run from 30-40 minutes.  I’m really used to more like 50-60 minutes, so it’s kind of nice to get a really good workout in only spending 30 minutes.

Second, except for Bulk Arms, the workouts are only targeting one muscle group.  You’re either working your chest, your back, your legs, your shoulders or your arms.  This is part of the reason the workouts are shorter.  But when you’re only working one muscle group, 30 minutes is a perfect amount of time and allows you to get a really good workout in.

Third, in the Bulk Phase, Sagi gives you even less rest time between sets or during sets.  Since you only have 30 minutes, he makes very efficient use of the time.  It’s a shorter workout, but he’s not skipping anything.  Plus the warm-ups and cool downs are very quick and just do what they need, so there’s no wasted time there.

Finally, in this Body Beast review I wanted to make sure we cover the new sets that Sagi introduces.  In the Bulk Phase you get two new types of sets:

Progressive set: This is a monster of a set in my opinion.  You do 15-12-8-8-12-15 reps with the only real break being right in the middle.  You increase your weight through the first 3 sets and then go back down for the last 3.  I think this is a really tough set because of the sheer number of reps you’re doing in that short a time frame.   This will definitely get you pumped up.

Force set: Another very tough one for me, and kind of a hard one to determine your weight the first time.  Basically, you do 5 sets of 5 reps, but you’re holding the weight for 5-10 seconds between each set, you don’t ever put it down.  So you really don’t get a break during this set as you’re always under tension.

In some ways the Bulk Phase workouts are similar to the Build Phase, but again, these are the ways that they are unique and these are what I enjoy about them.  It’s still traditional weight lifting that some of you might be familiar with, and it’s fun to get back into that for me.  They’re shorter workouts, but they’re still very intense and really get the job done.

Body Beast Review – Bulk Phase Nutrition

Just as in the Build Phase, the Bulk Phase nutrition is incredibly important.  If you want to put on size, you are not going to be able to do that without eating right.  With the Bulk Phase, you re-calculate your calorie targets based on your new body composition.  You can check the details out here: Body Beast Nutrition Plan.  I’ve stressed it in my other Body Beast reviews, but it’s worth saying it again.  The nutrition is the most important aspect of the program.  Don’t get me wrong, the workouts are great, but if you don’t eat right you won’t put on any size.

The Bulk Phase nutrition has you continuing to eat 50% carbs, 25% protein and 25% fat, just like in the Build Phase.  It’s designed to put mass on you, and with that you will add some fat.  I know I put on a little fat, but have kept it to a minimum.  The Beast Phase is for cutting so I’m not too worried about that.  I was very happy with my results from the Bulk Phase, you can check out my progress here: Day 60 Body Beast Results.

Body Beast Review – Hardest Bulk Phase Workout

Not to say that all the workouts aren’t hard, but there is one Bulk Phase workout in particular that I think is really tough.  That workout is Bulk Legs.  If you want big legs, this is a great workout to do.  You get a ton of reps in and you have some brutal sets.  The worst being progressive set split squats.  I literally had trouble making it up the stairs when I was done with this one.  So if you’re starting out the bulk phase soon, watch out for this one 🙂

I hope this Body Beast review of the Bulk Phase has been helpful if you’re looking into the program or are doing it and about to get to this phase.  You get to eat a lot and the workouts really do a good job of putting on size.  After this phase you enter the Beast Phase and cut back on your calories and shed fat.  So if you’re doing the Bulk Phase and you’re putting on a little fat don’t worry, you’ll get rid of that with the Beast Phase.



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