Body Beast Review – Build Phase

As many of you know I’ve recently been tackling Beachbody’s latest workout program, Body Beast.  So far I’ve put up a Day 1 Body Beast Review but that’s been it as far as reviews.  I wanted to get a little further into the program before I shared more of my thoughts and experiences about Body Beast.  Now I’ve completed the first phase, which is the build phase, so I wanted to give you my thoughts an insights on the program.  I’ll measure my progress every 30 days, so I still have a week before I’ll post progress pictures and stats, so keep an eye out for that.  For now, here is my Body Beast review of the Build Phase.

Body Beast Review – Build Phase Workouts

body beast reviewIn this Body Beast review of the Build Phase, I want to focus mainly on the workouts and nutrition.   So far, the workouts have been very challenging but also very enjoyable.  They incorporate what I would call more ‘traditional’ weight lifting moves.  They are more of what I used to do in high school or college at the gym.  You’re doing dumbbell presses, squats, ez bar curls, etc.  So if you like those types of lifts you’re really going to enjoy Body Beast.

The big difference that I enjoyed was the pace and the types of sets you do in the Build Phase.  If you’re a regular at the gym, you know it can be easy to take a lot of rest time between sets.  I definitely know how that goes since I used to spend a ton of time at the gym.  I was always serious about my workouts, but it’s really easy to talk to people you know and end up taking 5-10 minutes off between a set or between exercises.  Not in Body Beast.  Sagi keeps you moving and it’s fairly fast-paced.  Also, you do some new types of sets that I wasn’t quite used to.  He mainly incorporates drop sets, giant sets and super sets.  I was familiar with super sets, where you do two moves back to back with no rest.  I’d done that before.  But drop sets and giant sets were new to me.

Basically on both the giant and drop sets, you do 3 sets, of 15, 12 and 8 reps.  The difference for me, was that Sagi has you move up in weight every time.  Then on the drop set, after your 3rd set of 8 reps, you drop down in weight and immediately do 8 more reps.  Needless to say that really makes for a good pump!  At first it was challenging to pick the correct weight because you have to go up in weight every set.  So that was somewhat tough to get used to, but I picked it up pretty quick.  All in all, these are some great workouts that will bring you back to your gym days if you used to spend a lot of time there like I did.  I really enjoy that aspect.  Not that I don’t like P90X or Insanity, but this is just a good change-up from those types of workouts.  So my Body Beast review of the Build Phase workouts is that they are awesome and will really get you pumped!

Body Beast Review – Build Phase Nutrition

No Body Beast review of the Build Phase would be complete without talking about the Body Beast Nutrition Plan.  You can read more detail in that post, but I have to say this was a new way of eating for me.  The idea behind Body Beast is to put on some size, so you’re going to have to eat a lot.  The nutrition guide has me eating about 3500 calories in the Build Phase.  That’s quite a bit more than I have before.  I was used to eating about 2600 calories, so it was quite a jump to start eating 3500.  And the key here is that the 3500 calories needs to be clean.  It might be easier to eat junk to get to that calorie total, but I don’t want to eat unhealthy just to eat a lot of calories.

The nutrition plan has you eating 50% carbs, 25% protein and 25% fat.  Carbs are great for putting on size, but you will put on some fat with that.  For me, I’m ok with that.  I know that the Build and Bulk phase is about putting on size and the Beast phase is about cutting the fat.  So you will put on some fat in the Build phase, but just be confident that in the 3rd phase, as long as you follow the nutrition plan, you will cut that fat then.  So right now I’ve put on some fat, not a ton, but it is noticeable.  I’m ok with that because I trust the program and Sagi’s advice.  It’s very common to bulk and cut, and I knew that was the design of the nutrition plan before starting.

Body Beast Review – Equipment You Need

I also wanted to talk about equipment in this Body Beast review of the Build Phase for those of you just starting out or thinking of trying the program.  I know there are a lot of questions about equipment out there, so I’ll address that first.  Here’s what I use:

-Adjustable Dumbbells
-Stability Ball
-EZ Curl Bar

For me, this set up has worked really well.  My adjustable dumbbells go up to 50 lbs.  Are there a couple moves where I would want more weight?  Sure.  But for the great majority of the moves, I’m fine with only going up to 50 lbs.  I do think it’s important to have a good variety of dumbbells and resistance bands really aren’t going to work.  So you do need dumbbells.  I have had to pause the video a couple times to switch the weight on my dumbbells, but overall that hasn’t been too bad.  I also have an ez curl bar with weights and I would highly recommend using one.  It just makes some of the moves much easier and more natural to perform, like bent over rows.  It really doesn’t take much space up and I feel it’s a good piece of equipment to have.  Finally, instead of a bench, I use a stability ball.  If I had the space for it right now, I would have a bench.  But I don’t so the stability ball is really my only choice.  So fat that’s worked just fine and it forces me to engage my core more.  It’s a little annoying when it rolls away when I get up, but I can deal with it.

Body Beast Review – Build Phase Done

I hope this Body Beast Review of the Build Phase has been helpful for you.  So far the program has really lived up to my expectations and I have really enjoyed it.  I personally think the hardest workout is Build Legs so far, as you’re doing high rep leg workouts back to back to back and increasing your weight every set.  That’s fun 🙂  If you have questions or want to share your experience with the program so far feel free to leave a comment here!



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