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Now that I’ve finished up my first round of Body Beast, I wanted to give you a full Body Beast Review.  It’s an exciting program because it’s the first program to focus mostly on mass building.  That’s one thing I hear from other people frequently about P90X.  They don’t think you can build muscle with it.  While I don’t think that’s true, Body Beast is a great answer for those people because it’s sole focus is building muscle.  I want to give you my perspective as well as answers to some frequently asked questions in this Body Beast review.

Body Beast Review – The Equipment

One very common question that needs to be answered in any Body Beast review is, what equipment do you really need?  That always comes up when people are inquiring about the program.  And it totally makes sense, if you’re going to do Body Beast you want to make sure you have the tools to maximize your results.

To check out the options that Beachbody offers, you can go here to see all their Body Beast Equipment.  When I started out, I had adjustable dumbbells, an EZ curl bar with weights, a pull-up bar and a balance ball.  The main piece of equipment that I did not start with was a bench.  I spent about 6 weeks using just this equipment, and then I found a $15 bench at a garage sale so I picked that up.

My thoughts on the equipment are that you can get great results with dumbbells, a balance ball and a pull-up bar (you could substitute resistance bands with a door attachment too).  While I think you can do well with this equipment, I would strongly recommend picking up an EZ curl bar with weights.  Using the bar allows you to go heavier and makes some of the moves more natural to perform than if you were using dumbbells.  Also, I like using the bench, but I don’t think it’s necessary.  You can use a balance ball very effectively so if that’s what you have, you should be just fine.

Body Beast Review – Supplements/Nutrition

The second most common question that people ask when looking into Body Beast is a review of the supplements and nutrition.  To see a full list of the supplements go here: Body Beast Supplements.   I personally used the Hardcore Base Shake and the Super Suma.  I already had creatine and personally like the P90X Results and Recovery formula.  So I didn’t use all the supplements, but used similar products.

I personally really liked the Base Shake as it was an easy way to add some calories and I did see some great strength gains, which I think the Super Suma helped out with.  So I really enjoyed those two supplements and felt they helped out quite a bit.  I also think that a recovery drink is very important, especially when trying to build muscle.  The Fuel Shot looks good, but I already had some P90X Results & Recovery Formula which is very similar.  So if you don’t already have a recovery drink, either one would work well.

The nutrition is also incredibly important.  That’s one thing that some people overlook.  If you don’t follow the Body Beast Nutrition Plan, you’re not going to see good results.  It’s that simple.  To build muscle and gain some mass, you need to eat a lot.  I liked the layout of the nutrition plan, eating at a surplus for the first two months, and then eating at a deficit to cut fat the last month.  Personally, I think this worked out really well.  I saw great results with it and know many other people who did too.

Body Beast Review – The Workouts

Ok, so now on to the workouts.  I already wrote a couple reviews, the Build Phase Review and the Bulk Phase Review.  The Beast Phase is basically a mix of both with some added cardio in there to help you cut fat.  The workouts are phenomenal in my opinion.  They are more like traditional weight lifting workouts, which I do really enjoy.  I like the style of P90X or Insanity too, but it’s good to mix things up.  What I was impressed with was the variety of moves and variety of sets that Sagi incorporated into the program.  He included:

-Super Sets
-Drop Sets
-Progressive Sets
-Force Sets
-Giant Sets

Personally, I found the progressive sets the most challenging.  You do 6 sets, with 15, 12, 8, 8, 12, 15 reps, going up weight in the first 3 and then dropping weight in the last 3.  I think the hardest move in the whole program is the split squat progressive set.  I don’t know if my legs have ever been so sore!

In general, I really enjoyed the pace of the workouts.  Sagi does not spend much time in the warm-up or cool-down.  You basically do just what you need to warm up your muscles and get your heart rate up a bit.  During the workouts it’s also fairly fast-paced.  There is not much time wasted in any of the workouts which I appreciated.  Most range from 30-45 minutes, so they’re a little shorter than other Beachbody programs.  So if you’re looking for a shorter time commitment, Body Beast is a great option.

Body Beast Review – Does It Really Work?

Knowing about the workouts, equipment, supplements and nutrition is great, but none of that matters if the program doesn’t really do what it’s supposed to.  You can see my 30 Day results, 60 Day results, and 90 Day results.  I think you can see through the progression that Body Beast works like it’s supposed to.  I personally saw great gains in both the first and second month, and then did cut some body fat in the third month.  I put on a total of 7.5 lbs and gained around .5% body fat over the total 90 days.  So for me, yes the program did a great job and I accomplished exactly what I set out to do.  I know some people who have put on anywhere from 10-20 lbs with the program, although that wasn’t what I was going for.  I didn’t want to go over 205 lbs, so I made sure I didn’t.  Here is a small preview of my 90 day progression with Body Beast.

body beast review

So bottom line is, yes, I believe the program works.  If you’ve struggled to gain muscle or put on some size, I highly recommend you give Body Beast a try.

If you’ve found this Body Beast Review helpful, feel free to leave a comment here, or if you have any other questions about Body Beast don’t hesitate to shoot me a message or ask in the comments.  If you want to give Body Beast a try, you can check out the options here: Body Beast Program Options or Body Beast Challenge Pack.

Body Beast review 2



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