Body Beast Results – Day 90

When I started Body Beast, I had a goal of putting on roughly 10 lbs in 90 days.  I wasn’t a small guy to begin with, so I didn’t really want to go any higher than that.  If you’ve followed my progress so far, you know that I’ve been on track to get close to my goal.  If you missed them, you can check out my 30 day Body Beast Results and my 60 day Body Beast Results.  The last phase is the Beast Phase, where you eat at a calorie deficit and combine some workouts from the Build Phase and some workouts from the Bulk Phase.  Not only do you eat at a calorie deficit, you also change your ratios of protein, carbs and fat according to the Body Beast Nutrition Plan, which has you significantly drop your carbs.  So throughout the Beast Phase I definitely did not have as much energy during my workouts.  But I got used to that quickly and I really did notice that I started to lose body fat fairly quickly.

Body Beast Results – The Numbers

I’m really pleased with my Body Beast results when it comes to the numbers.  Over the 90 days I put on 7.5 lbs, I’m now up to 204 lbs and I’m sitting at roughly 9% body fat.  It is very hard to get a precise measurement of body fat yourself, but I try to stay as consistent as I can when measuring.  I also gained 3/4 inch in both my left and right arms, 1 inch around my chest, 1 inch around my hips, 1 inch on my right leg and 3/4 inch in my left leg.  So I am very happy with those kind of results in just 90 days.  You’ll see the pictures below, but I feel like my shoulders and traps are the place where I gained the most.  I don’t have measurements there, but just from looking at the pictures I feel like that is where I can tell the biggest difference.

Body Beast Results – Front

body beast results

body beast results

Body Beast Results – Side/Back


body beast results

body beast results

Body Beast Results – What’s Next

If you’re looking for a mass building program, I think Beachbody nailed it on the head with this one.  So if you like my Body Beast results and are looking to put on some size, you should really look into the different Body Beast Packages.  For me, up next is Asylum Volume 2.  It’s probably not the best transition, but I’m excited to shed some body fat and get my endurance back up!



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