Body Beast Preview

body beast previewThis is a program that I’m pretty excited about, so I wanted to give you a Body Beast preview and give you an idea of what it’s going to be like.  I know many of you out there are trying to put on some size and bulk up a bit.  If that’s you, Beachbody designed this program exactly with you in mind.  Beachbody hired Sagi Kalev, a famous body builder, to help design this program specifically to help you bulk up.  I know bulking up isn’t on everyone’s to-do list, so this isn’t going to be for everyone out there.  But there are enough people that would really like to add a good amount of muscle, so I think Body Beast has a very big audience.  There aren’t a ton of details out there yet, but this video will give you a little sneak peak Body Beast preview.



Body Beast Preview: Stay Tuned for more…

Unofficially Body Beast is supposed to come out this summer, but there are not exact dates.  As I get more info I won’t hesitate to pass it along to you.  I’ll do follow up posts on Body Beast equipment and Body Beast supplements, because there are some specific things that you’ll want to consider for the program.  But for now, hopefully this Body Beast preview gets you excited for it to come out, I know I’m looking forward to it!



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