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I posted a Body Beast Preview last week, which has generated some questions around the program.  One of the most common questions I’m hearing is “Will there be special Body Beast Equipment?” or “Will I need anything new for Body Beast compared to P90X?“.  It’s a great question, because when many people think of putting on some bulk they typically assume you have to go to the gym and lift a ton of weight which might not be conducive to having in your living room.  I totally get that and wanted to address the question here so you can know what you might need to pick up so you can have the Body Beast equipment that you need.

Body Beast Equipment You Probably Already Have

If you’ve done other programs such as P90X, you probably already have some of the Body Beast Equipment.  There are really only four pieces of equipment that you will need for the program, and personally I already have 3 of the 4.  But I’m going to break it down in sets of 2 for you.  So here are the pieces of Body Beast Equipment that you probably already have:

body beast equipment1) Dumbbells.  This is to be expected, right?  Resistance bands are great, but for bulking up dumbbells are much more useful.  I personally have adjustable dumbbells which I really like.  I don’t have a ton of room, so a full rack of individual dumbbells just isn’t going to work in my situation.  A couple good brands of adjustable dumbbells are Bowflex and PowerBlock.  I have had both and prefer PowerBlock as I feel they are more sturdy.

body beast equipment2) Pull-up Bar.  If you’re doing P90X, you probably have a pull-up bar right?  Pull-ups are also going to be incorporated with Body Beast, which I’m excited about.  Again, there are multiple options for pull-up bars out there.  The one I use is from Target and cost about $25.  It has held up very well over the last year, but I would say it’s on the lower end as far as quality.  Beachbody sells a more durable pull-up bar and there are options for pull-up bars you can mount on your wall or ceiling too.

Body Beast Equipment You Might Need To Get

There will be some Body Beast Equipment that you might not have yet, but don’t worry, these are very easy to find, and again, there is definitely a range of products you can buy for both pieces of equipment.  These pieces might take up a little more room, but you don’t need a full squat rack or anything.  The two things that you probably need to pick up are:

body beast equipment1) Bench or Stability Ball.  A bench or stability ball are going to be used interchangeably in Body Beast, so either one will work.  Since I did P90X2, I already have a stability ball, and that’s what I plan on using.  But if you haven’t done P90X2 or don’t have a stability ball, you might want to pick one up.  I like the idea of the stability ball because it should force you to use your core more, but with a bench you might be able to go heavier with your lifts.  There are many different varieties of benches out there and may different qualities, so if you’re going that route just find the right fit for your budget and space.

body beast equipment2) EZ Curl Bar With Weights.  This would be the piece of Body Beast Equipment that I would think most people don’t have yet and need to pick up.  I currently don’t have an ez curl bar, although I do have some free weights that I might be able to use.  Beachbody is going to come out with an EZ curl bar, and the weights will be interchangeable with those from Les Mills Pump.  It looks like this is going to be a pretty important piece of Body Beast Equipment, so you will want to make sure you pick one up.

I posted this for those of you who like to be ready and prepared ahead of time.  There probably is not a ton of Body Beast Equipment that you need to get, but if you’re planning to do the program it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start looking into your options.  Beachbody will have options for all of this equipment by the time Body Beast is released, so you can always get it from them too.



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