Body Beast Challenge Group

body beast challengeAre you ready to beast up??  Body Beast is one of my favorite workout programs from Beachbody.  I love the structure, the classic weight lifting moves, the new structure of the workouts and of course Sagi!  He’s a super fun trainer and is really pumped up all the time.  I’ve completed a round of Body Beast and I’ve also done a P90X Body Beast Hybrid which I really enjoyed, so I have some good experience with the program.  I also wrote an entire Body Beast Review and you can check out my Body Beast Results too.

I had a lot of success using Body Beast to bulk up, but it also offers a lean schedule which is great if you need to lose a little weight or don’t want to get too bulky.  It’s a great option for women.  I’ve seen several ladies have amazing results with Body Beast as it’s helped them lean out and not get all bulky like many women fear will happen if they lift weights.

So with that being said, I want to run a Body Beast Challenge Group!  I’ll structure it in a similar fashion to my other challenge groups.  I want all our challengers to commit to:

-Doing Body Beast 

-Posting in our Facebook Challenge Group daily

-Drinking Shakeology daily

Those are really the only 3 commitments I want to see from people, because I know that’s what will help you reach your goals.  The Challenge will start Monday, October 7th, which is coming up soon!

If you want to join, just send me an email at and let me know you want in.  Also, if you still need to get Body Beast, you can use these links:

Body Beast Workout

Body Beast Challenge Pack



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