Body Beast Challenge!

body beast challengeAs many of you know, Beachbody just released Body Beast and I am pretty excited about it!  I know there are several of you out there that have been looking forward to this program too, so I’ve decided to put together at Body Beast Challenge.  Since it’s a new program, I think it will be very beneficial to have a group of people working out with each other and checking in with each other.  This will allow us to throw around ideas and get advice based on how everyone is progressing.  I’ve been involved in several challenges before, and they are extremely motivating and that’s typically when I see people get the best results.  So if you’re pumped about the program and want to get great results, this Body Beast Challenge is going to be for you.

Why Be A Part of the Body Beast Challenge?

So why should you be a part of the Body Beast Challenge?  Why not just do it by yourself and check in with me?  No doubt you could still get good results on your own, but when you have an entire group of people working out on the same schedule together it’s extremely motivating and you’re much more likely to stick with the program.  I’ve also noticed that in other challenges that I have been involved in we have really motivated each other.  People can post the results of their workouts which can really push others to achieve more.  If you know someone has done x number of reps on a certain move, it can really motivate you to meet or beat them on it.  Without that extra kick you probably wouldn’t go for the extra reps.  So you’re pushing yourself even more to get good results.  Another huge thing has just been getting tips and advice.  Some moves might be challenging or confusing.  But when you have multiple people doing it, someone will always have a tip on how to improve your form or complete the exercise properly.

Bottom line is that people in challenges get the best results.  There is just no other way around it.

What Do You Need For the Body Beast Challenge?

The next logical question is what do you need to be a part of the Body Beast Challenge?  There have been lots of questions about the equipment and supplements, and I have detailed that info in a couple posts: Body Beast Equipment and Body Beast Supplements.  But to be a part of the challenge there are a few things I want you to commit to:

1) Doing Body Beast and following the schedule (that’s a no-brainer right?)

2) Being on Shakeology HD – I’m not going to require anyone be taking the Body Beast supplements, although you can use them if you want, but Shakeology has been the cornerstone of my nutrition for over a year and a half and I am confident that it is an extremely important part of your nutrition and seeing good results.  I know not everyone can afford Shakeology, and that’s ok.  If you can’t then this challenge might not be for you.  But just message me and we can discuss it.

3) Commit to plugging in with the group every day.  This is the key to fostering a good environment for the challenge.  I’ll have a private Facebook group just for our challengers, and I will want everyone keeping us updated and checking in with the group daily.  That way we know you’re still working with us!

So if you can commit to those 3 things, then this challenge is for you and I can promise you that you’re setting yourself up for great results.

When Does the Body Beast Challenge Start?

Since I know many of you are in the middle of other programs right now and might need some time to gather the equipment you need, this Body Beast Challenge is starting Monday, August 6th.  I’m going to finish up my P90X P90X2 Hybrid that I’ve been working on and will be in prime condition to start this challenge.  So for those of you out there that are interested you have plenty of time to get the program, any supplements you’ll want and any equipment you will need for the program.  I’m putting out this out in advance to make sure I give you plenty of time.

If you haven’t yet ordered Body Beast and you want to be a part of this challenge, then you can find more info on the different packages here: Order Body Beast

If you want great results, then join me in this Body Beast Challenge!

Like I said, the Body Beast Challenge  is not for everyone, but if you want to maximize your results with this program there is no better way to do it!



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