Black Bean, Avocado, Chicken Salad

I wanted to begin to add some recipes for some common meals that I eat that I think are not only very healthy, but really tasty too!  So here is my recipe for black bean, avocado, chicken salad:


-2 cups of baby spinach
-1/4 cup of black beans
-1/2 cubed avocado
-6 oz. of chicken
-2 tbsp. salsa

The only thing that needs cooking is the chicken, so this is a super fast meal to make.  You can add some salad dressing if you want, but I find that the salsa, along with the texture of the avocado basically eliminates the need for any salad dressing.  So I find that to be a big plus, because it’s usually the dressing that ends up making some salads very fattening.

I love this salad because it’s high in protein and you can always play with the amount of black beans, chicken or avocado to give you more or fewer calories.  Give this salad a try and let me know what you think!!


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