Big 3 Competition

If you’ve been following the blog lately you probably know I’ve been doing Body Beast for quite a while and have even mixed in some powerlifting training as well.  It’s been a ton of fun for me, as it’s been a good switch in routine, and the powerlifting gives me goals to shoot for.  That goes a long way in keeping me motivated.

Last week, I even had the chance to compete with a bunch of the guys in our Year Of The Beast group, and it was a blast!  The commitment level was unbelievable and everyone put in really great efforts.  I’ve rarely seen so many people so fired up.  New PR’s were set and thankfully almost everyone stayed healthy.  There were a couple of injuries which are unfortunate, and that’s why proper warm up and form are critical when you’re trying to go heavy.
I personally came in 2nd in my weight class, and hit a huge goal I’ve been shooting for.  I deadlifted 500 lbs for the first time, and it felt pretty good!  Here’s a little video montage of my three lifts:

There’s always going to be someone stronger out there, so being the strongest around isn’t really a concern of mine.  What I do like, though, is competing with myself.  Seeing if I can get stronger than I was before and continuing to push outside of my comfort zone is what keeps me motivated.  The plan is to do these competitions every 18 months and see how people are progressing, so I can’t wait for August!


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