Becoming a Beachbody Coach

I don’t post a ton about being a Beachbody Coach here but recently I’ve had a number of questions about becoming a Beachbody Coach that I wanted to address, so I figured I’d share that info.  I’ve been a Coach for a little over 2.5 years now and have really enjoyed the experience so far.  I know I had questions before becoming a Beachbody Coach myself, so I’m sure you probably do too.

Do I Need Great Results First?

Question #1 about becoming a Beachbody Coach that comes up quite frequently, is “do I need great results before becoming a Beachbody Coach?”  That is a totally fair question.  Many people want to be in awesome shape before they start to help others, and I totally get that.  You want to lead by example and want to attract people with your transformation.

becoming a Beachbody CoachThe thing is, I became a Beachbody Coach before having great results (the picture on the right is me when I signed up as a Beachbody Coach), and I actually think that’s the best way to go.  Being a product of the product is important, but I don’t think you need to have reached your long term goal before becoming a Beachbody Coach for a few reasons.

#1 Motivation 
Let me tell you, there is no more motivation than having other people look up to you and expect you to succeed.  When you become a Beachbody Coach, it adds a whole new level of motivation and accountability.  I knew that if I wanted to be a successful Beachbody Coach that I would want to have great results from Beachbody products.  I wasn’t where I wanted to be, but I was already seeing good results with Insanity and wanted to continue that with Shakeology and P90X.  I knew I would reach my goal, but I can honestly say that becoming a Beachbody Coach was really what gave me that extra push to stay on track and reach my goals.

#2 Relating to Others
This is an area that I think people overlook when they think about becoming a Beachbody Coach.  I know many people who are looking for someone to motivate them and share their journey.  They don’t want someone who seems like they’ve already mastered everything and have a perfect body.  They want an accountability partner.  If you’re still working towards your goals it shows them that you are real and genuine, and you can relate to them.

This is a big reason why I like to participate in all the Challenges I start.  Even though I’m a Coach, I consider myself just like everyone else going through a program or a clean eating challenge.  I like to experience those things at the same time everyone else is so we can share tips/tricks and motivate each other.  It’s just more fun that way!

#3 Earning Potential
The last reason I think it’s important to sign up earlier rather than later is that you have earning potential!  If you’re already seeing results, I would guess that you might be getting some comments/questions.  “Hey you’re looking great!”  “What have you been doing lately to lose the weight?“, etc, etc.  People will start to notice, and they get curious.  If you, someone they know, can get results with P90X or Shakeology, then often times they will want to join you and do what you’re doing.  All a Beachbody Coach should really do is recommend what works for them.  And when you start answering people’s questions like that, you’re doing what a Beachbody Coach does, just not getting paid for the recommendation!

Additionally, if you’re using Beachbody products regularly, the 25% discount just makes sense.  That was a huge bonus for me becoming a Beachbody Coach.  I knew that I would be using Shakeology and the P90X Results & Recovery Formula regularly, plus probably buying more workouts down the road, so financially it just made sense to save 25% on everything.

So do you need great results before becoming a Beachbody Coach?  Absolutely not!  I didn’t, and I’m glad I signed up when I did.  It just gave me a head start on everyone else who waited.

Do I Need to Be An Expert?

The second most common question I get about becoming a Beachbody Coach is, “Do I need to be a personal trainer/fitness expert/nutritionist?”  I touched on this earlier, but that is absolutely not a requirement to be a Beachbody Coach.

In my mind, there are two requirements to becoming a Beachbody Coach:

#1 You use Beachbody products (P90X, Insanity, Focus T25, TurboFire, Shakeology, etc) and you’re passionate about how they are helping you reach your health and fitness goals.

#2 You love helping other people reach their goals.

If you’re just thinking about it solely to get rich quick, then it’s not a good fit for you and you should not become a Beachbody Coach.  But if those two things are true, then that is what will make you an extremely successful Coach!

The beauty of Beachbody products is that they are designed by fitness and nutrition experts, so you really don’t need to be one.  Every workout comes with a nutrition plan.  So you don’t need to make up any special meal plans or workout plans.  You just have to motivate people to push play and stick to the program that Beachbody lays out.  And you will lead by example, showing that the programs really do work.  Then it’s as simple as recommending what has worked for you.  I never recommend something I haven’t done myself.  I simply say what has worked for me.

So no, you do NOT need to be an expert to become a Beachbody Coach.  If you’re passionate about the products and helping people reach their goals, then your potential is unlimited.  And that is the type of person who I want on my team of Coaches.  We’re about helping people reach their goals first, and get paid as a bonus for doing that!

become a beachbody coach

I hope this answered your questions about becoming a Beachbody Coach  but feel free to comment here or shoot me an email at if you want to discuss it further!




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