Beachbody Update

There was recently a Beachbody leadership retreat, and they announced several exciting new developments going on, so I wanted to share that info with all of you!

1) Tropical Shakeology:
They’ve talked about this new flavor for a while, and it’s now in it’s final round of tests.  For people who don’t really like chocolate, and also don’t like Greenberry, this is going to be a great option.  Also, a huge bonus about it, is that it’s going to be vegan!  This formulation will not use whey protein, so vegans will not have a problem with eating Shakeology.  I know I am personally going to switch to it the first chance I get because I’m excited to try it.  Right now it’s scheduled to come out in January.

2) Two new workouts:
-Les Mills Pump, is based on the extremely popular Body Pump classes that currently run in gyms worldwide.  It’s coming out in December and features 7 workouts, a barbell, weights, and  workout guide.  This workout is based on a low weight, very high rep workout to burn a ton of calories and build lean muscle.  A workout can have you doing over 800 reps!  This is a very exciting workout to bring to Beachbody, and I’ll let you know more details as the release date gets closer.

-Tai Cheng, is based on the martial art of Tai Chi and will come out in February.  It is a low/no impact workout that focuses on coordination, balance, posture, flexibility and strength.  This will be a great option for those with injuries or people that can’t sustain high impact workouts.  It’s a 90 day program and will come with 13 DVD’s, a foam roller, bands, and a nutrition guide.

3) P90X iPhone app: 
They are developing an iPhone app for P90X that will allow you to log workouts and track progress on your iPhone.  It will also let you buy digital copies of P90X, so when you’re on the go you can play them right on your iPhone or iPad.  Perfect for the frequent traveler!

4) P90X2:
This is going to be the biggest product release by far in Beachbody history.  In the first 30 days alone, there were over 46,000 pre-orders.  Now that is amazing!  It’s generating a huge buzz, and I know I am personally very excited to start it January 1st.  Pre-orders are still open, which gets you free shipping, so if you want to join the fun in 2012, make sure to get your copy pre-ordered!  I’ll be starting a small challenge group for those who want to try it out and push each other to see great results.

5) Challenge Packs:
Beachbody has just come out with a new way to order, called Challenge Packs.  The idea is that fitness+nutrition+support = success.  And that really is the formula that works.  These packs come with a Beachbody workout program, Shakeology HD and a 30-day trial to the Beachbody Club Membership, and it will save you some money at that.  If you’re considering becoming a coach, you can buy a coaching starter pack, which is the exact same price but includes the Game Plan Tools Kit and the Business Essential Starter Program.  So you get those awesome tools that will help you get your business running for free!  That’s pretty neat.  These become available in November, so I’ll post more info next week.

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