Beachbody Coach Scam – What’s The TRUTH?

I get this from friends at times, mostly in a joking manner, but they refer to what I do as a Beachbody Coaching scam or a pyramid scheme.  I had similar thoughts too, so I think it’s natural that people wonder about it.  I did extensive research before becoming a Beachbody Coach, so it wasn’t something I just jumped into without thinking about it.  So if you’re at the point of thinking about becoming a Coach, I want to clarify a few things to help you determine if it’s a Beachbody Coach Scam or if it’s a legitimate opportunity that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Beachbody Coach Scam – What Does A Beachbody Coach Do?

Beachbody Coach ScamIf you’re wondering if it’s just a Beachbody Coach Scam, then you might wonder what does a Beachbody Coach really do?  Are Coaches certified trainers, nutritionists and experts in the fitness field?  Not necessarily.  Some Coaches are, but I would say a majority of Coaches are people who have seen good results with Beachbody programs and supplements like Shakeology and now they want to “pay it forward” and help others get healthy too.

Most Coaches aren’t trying to scam anyone, they’re legitimately looking to help others achieve a new level of fitness and to help end the trend of obesity in our country and around the world.  Yes, Beachbody Coaches recommend products like P90X, but that’s because they have seen good results with those products.  So basically, as Coaches we look to help others see success with their Beachbody program through answering questions that come up and helping advise individuals on how to follow their nutrition plans and what does/does not work.

What attracted me to become a Beachbody Coach was the fact that Beachbody as a company is very committed to ending obesity in America and the world and really helping people get their health in order.  They’re taking a little different approach at health care reform!  I personally have seen great results with their products and truly believe that they work.  You can check out what 1 year with Beachbody can do here: 1 Year Results.  I knew the products worked and I really aligned with Beachbody’s core mission, so it was natural for me to join and help others get healthy.  I wasn’t attracted because it was some Beachbody Coach Scam, I was attracted because it just seemed like an awesome way to help other people out and earn an income while doing it.

It’s a Pyramid Scheme – Beachbody Coach Scam

Beachbody Coach ScamThis is probably the number one thing my friends like to joke about and give me a hard time about.  This Beachbody Coach Scam must be a pyramid scheme!  One of the ways you earn money as a Beachbody Coach is through building a team of coaches beneath you, and you do have a right and left leg.  So I know what you’re thinking, it’s starting to sound like a pyramid scheme, right?  I get why you’re thinking that, but in a true pyramid scheme (which is illegal by the way) there is no product being sold and people just get paid to sign up distributors beneath them who pay dues.  That’s where this is completely different.  You could sign up a thousand coaches beneath you, but if they never sold anything you wouldn’t make a dime.

And when you think about it, every business is set up like this.  You have your CEO at the top, upper management, lower management and your every day employees just to keep things simple.  The higher you climb, the fewer people there are.  This is just how companies are built.  It’s not a Beachbody Coach Scam or some pyramid scheme, it’s really just how businesses are designed.

Beachbody Coach Scam – Can You Actually Make Money?

Another common question that people ask me, or are surprised by when I answer.  Can you make money?  Absolutely.  Is it easy?  No, it’s really not.  Just like any other business it’s going to take work and dedication.  This isn’t some get rich quick scheme by any means.  You can definitely earn money right away, but for most people it takes time to build their business to the point of making a solid income.  But what I’ve found is that when you don’t focus on the money, but rather focus on helping people no matter if they purchase products from you or not, the income will come as a side effect of that.

The amount you bring in as a Beachbody Coach really reflects the amount of effort you put in as well.  I don’t typically like to share details about how much I make because I just think it can be tacky, but I want to give you an idea of where I’m at.  Right now, on a weekly basis, I make anywhere from $150-300.  Might not sound like a ton, but it really does help and adds up over time.  I personally know people pulling in $500-6000 a week.  So I know there’s room for growth, but that will come with time and work.  So is it a real income opportunity?  Absolutely, but it doesn’t just happen overnight.

How Much Does It Cost? – Beachbody Coach Scam

With many home-based businesses there is a significant cost to get started or you are required to purchase a lot of product each month to be able to stay active in the business.  Start-up costs can easily range from $200-500 which really does sound steep to a newcomer. But that’s what I like about Beachbody, they make it fairly accessible to start as a Coach, and keep the cost low.  If it was a Beachbody Coach Scam, I would expect the costs to be much higher.

$39.95 -This is the initial fee to start as a Beachbody Coach.  This covers your Business Starter Kit, your online office and the cost to set up the 3 websites that Beachbody gives you.  The great thing is that if you’re not a web guru or don’t have time to spend on a website, that’s no problem.  Beachbody already gives you 3 personalized websites.  I know many successful coaches that just use those that Beachbody gives them.  So this initial fee actually gives you a great value.  Plus, when you sign up to be a Coach and order a Challenge Pack, then this initial fee is waived.  A Challenge Pack comes with a workout program, Shakeology HD and a free month of the VIP Club membership.  So if you’re signing up as a Coach and are already looking to get a new workout program, this is absolutely the way to go.  You save money on bundling Shakeology with your workout program, plus you get the $39.95 waived, so it’s a huge cost savings.

$16 – This is the recurring monthly fee to be a Coach.  Again, this covers maintenance of your 3 websites they provide and the back office support.  The great thing about being a Beachbody Coach is that I don’t have to mess with billing customers or shipping products.  Beachbody does all of  that for you.  $16 to not have to mess with all of that hassle?  That is a great deal in my opinion!  To  stay active, you do have to have a sales volume of 50 points, but that could come from customers, not necessarily your purchases.  That being said, I strongly urge every coach to be on Shakeology HD, because I don’t know how you could recommend a product that you don’t use yourself.  So while it’s not necessary, I strongly recommend it, and that cost is $89.96.  You’ll notice that you save more on Shakeology ($30 savings) than it costs to be a Beachbody Coach ($16).  So you come out ahead every month anyways.

Beachbody Coach Scam – How To Get Started

If you’re still concerned that this is some sort of Beachbody Coach Scam or if you just have questions about the opportunity, I want you to reach out to me first.  If you’re not confident that this is a good opportunity and just need to talk to me further, I really encourage you to shoot me an email at  I will answer any questions you have and can help determine if this is a good fit for you.  But if you are ready to get going, then here is what you need to do:

->Click HERE to become a Team Beachbody Coach<-

1) When it asks you, “Do you already have an account?”  Make sure to choose NO and keep filling out the application

2) You’ll have a few options to add things to your order like a Challenge Pack or Shakeology, just make sure to choose one of those.

3) Once you’re all signed up you will hear from me and we will get started!

Benefits of being a Team Beachbody Coach – Beachbody Coach Scam

Hopefully by now you realize that it’s not really a Beachbody Coach Scam, but actually a great opportunity for you to help end the trend of obesity that’s killing America while earning an income for yourself.  For me, it’s the most rewarding thing I do.  I love helping others succeed and the fact that I get paid is an added bonus.  Plus it helps keep me on track with my own health and fitness because I know I have others counting on me.  Also, I’m fortunate to be part of an awesome team of coaches. My Coach was the Top Coach last year, and his Coach was Top Coach the year before.  So as a part of that team I have access to an awesome network and extra training that is invaluable, and that would be available to you too.  I look forward to working with you and seeing you succeed!



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