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beachbody coach canadaIf you get my weekly update, then you know that there is a new development that is very exciting for our Canadian friends.  Canadian citizens and residents have always been able to be team members but on October 1st, the Beachbody Coach Canada opportunity is opening up.  That means that Canadian citizens will now be able to become an Independent Beachbody Coach and officially help end the trend of obesity with us.

Beachbody Coach Canada – Why Take Advantage?

In my mind, the Beachbody Coach Canada opportunity is going to be an awesome opportunity because there are currently zero Team Beachbody Coaches in Canada.  That means you can be one of the first people to start building a successful business in your community.  I certainly wish I would have known about the Coaching opportunity long before I did, because the earlier you get in, the less competition you have and the bigger business you can build.  That’s really exciting in my mind!  I don’t personally know many people in Canada.  But if you’re Canadian, you most likely have a huge network of people that you can help lead more healthy and fulfilling lives, how cool is that?!  So really this is a big deal because you can be one of the first to bring a successful business that will affect tons of people for the better.

Details About the Beachbody Coach Canada Opportunity

Well like I already mentioned, the Beachbody Coach Canada opportunity is opening on October 1st, not today.  But I just wanted to give you info ahead of time so you can be prepared.  I will update this post with the links to sign up, so check back on October 1st or thereafter for the link.

This is the pre-launch phase,  meaning Canadian citizens will be able to open up a U.S. Team Beachbody Coaching business.  That means it will be a U.S. business, and you will get paid in U.S. dollars and you will get U.S. tax documents for your coaching business.  Once the full launch is complete, your business will transition to a true Canadian business, where you get paid in Canadian dollars and have Canadian tax documents.  This should be a seamless transition and you won’t lose any customers, downline coaches etc. when that happens.

Beachbody Coach Canada – Some Limitations

There are a couple limitations on the coaching opportunity only while it’s in the pre-launch phase.  After it’s fully launched these will not be an issue.

You can’t re-sell product.  Basically that means you can’t buy Beachbody products and then re-sell them.  You have to have your customers order through  For me, this is the only way I do business, so it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal.  That’s actually one of the perks of the Coaching opportunity in my mind.  You never have to deal with inventory, shipping, etc.  That would be a huge headache and I’m thankful to not have to do that.

You can’t advertise.  You can’t buy any ad space, but you can still run fit clubs and invite people to join your challenge groups via Facebook, twitter, in person, etc.  Again, not a big deal here either because Beachbody already does a ton of advertising in case you haven’t ever been watching infomercials at any time of the day.  Beachbody spends a ton of money getting the word out about our products so that you don’t have to.  Most people already know about P90X or Insanity, etc.  which is a huge advantage for us!

I know Beachbody fitness programs are being sold in retail stores like Walmart in Canada right now, but as the Beachbody Coach Canada opportunity takes off, that is going to phase out because Beachbody knows that the most successful way to complete a program is with a Coach who can provide the support you need.  So that competition will be phased out over time.

Is the Beachbody Coach Canada Opportunity For You?

beachbody coach canada

That’s a great question.  It’s not for everyone, but it certainly is a great opportunity for the right person.  If you haven’t already, you can check out my Coaching FAQ to get a better understanding of the opportunity or leave a comment here and we can discuss it more.  I really do think the Beachbody Coach Canada opportunity is going to be an amazing one since there is such an untapped market!



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