Beachbody Challenge Pack Update

Maybe you haven’t noticed it yet, but on the Team Beachbody website, they have totally revamped their Beachbody Challenge links and I think have a much more user-friendly layout now.  So I wanted to highlight a few things that you might find really helpful as you look to reach your goals.  I’ve used challenge groups to really help keep me on track with my workouts, as I always find it very motivating to plug in with a group of people who are committed to sticking with it for either 30, 60 or 90 days.

New Features of the Beachbody Challenge Pack Site

If you’re on the Team Beachbody website, you’ll notice a new Beachbody Challenge menu option.  It looks like this:

BB challenge update pic 1

What I wanted to point out was what the new Challenge Packs link looks like.  I think it’s super cool what they did and the changes they made will be really helpful when you’re thinking about a new program or trying to find the right program for you.

A big help in my opinion, is that they give you many different categories of programs to help you understand what each program is meant for.  Maybe you’ve finished one program and you’re looking for an intermediate program to do.  Or maybe you want the program that is going to give you the most extreme results.  Well with this Beachbody Challenge Pack update, they make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.  Here’s a screenshot of what that page looks like:

BB challenge update pic 2


Also, notice that you can check the “Compare” box and see two programs side by side.  That’s a super cool feature that allows you to see how each program stacks up to the others.  Maybe you want a shorter, but intense workout but are unsure of how long the workouts in TurboFire are compared to Insanity.  Well just check those boxes and hit Compare and you’ll see how they stack up to each other.  I love that feature and think it’s a really handy tool to use.

Beachbody Challenge Pack Deal for April

Lastly, I wanted to let you know that Beachbody is running yet another discount.  It seems that it has been popular lately.  Just for the month of April, the Insanity Challenge Pack is on sale, and saves you $90 over buying the items separately.  So if you’ve been looking at getting Insanity, this is a great deal!   The Insanity Challenge Pack is normally $205, but is now only $180 for the month of April.  And it’s not an April fools joke!  Check it out:

BB challenge update pic 3



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