Beachbody August Sales

beachbody august salesPer usual, there are some awesome Team Beachbody August Sales to get excited about.  Last month the Focus T25 Challenge Pack was on sale and that was a huge hit.  Many people took advantage of that which I think is great.  It does seem that they always like to put Challenge Packs on sale, which I think is a great idea, because it really gets people started right.  If you can nail your nutrition and have awesome workouts it’s going to be hard to not have great results.  So I’m excited for the Beachbody August Sales.

Beachbody August Sales – The Beast

For the Beachbody August Sales, part of what they’re including is a discount on the Body Beast Challenge Pack!  There are actually two Beast Challenge Packs, one with Shakeology and one with the Beast Supplements, and this applies to the Body Beast + Shakeology combination.  It’s normally $180, but this month it’s $160.

Body Beast is a favorite of mine.  If you’re looking to put on some muscle, this would be a great program for you.  It’s more traditional weight lifting than any other program Beachbody Offers, and I just plain like Sagi as a trainer.  He’s incredibly intense, but also funny at times.  He obviously knows what he’s doing, and I really had some good Body Beast Results.

There is also a promotion on one of the Beast Supplements, Fuel Shot.  It’s buy one get one, but only from August 14th-31st.  So that doesn’t start right away, but it’s coming up.  Here’s a link for when that’s ready to go:  Fuel Shot Deal.

Beachbody August Sales – The Beauty

The crazy thing about the Beachbody August Sales is that they have more than one Challenge Pack on sale!  Usually it’s just one item that goes on sale, not multiple.  So they dubbed it the Beauty and the Beast sale, because the other sale item is the Turbo Fire Challenge Pack.  It’s also normally $180 but on sale for $160 this month.

TurboFire is a high intensity interval training program from Chalene Johnson.  Rochelle has TurboFire and loves these workouts.  It’s more of a group workout class feel and is pretty intense.  I’ve done a few of the workouts myself and really enjoyed them.  You get a great calorie burn and you get to work on your coordination, which is a weakness of mine 🙂

Beachbody August Sales Savings

As you can see, these are some popular programs that are going on sale this month.  The Beachbody August Sale actually saves you about $70 on each Challenge Pack vs buying the programs and Shakeology separately.  So if you’ve been wanting to try Body Beast or TurboFire, I would highly recommend taking advantage of the Beachbody August Sales.  You are basically getting Shakeology for $70 when you order the Challenge Pack, and that’s a smoking deal.



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