Asylum Review

After completing Insanity and then P90X, I was eager to jump at the chance to be one of the first people to tackle Asylum.  My coach actually put together a competition with another team to see who would get the best results from this 30 day program.  Asylum focuses on sports performance, so many of the moves are directly related to moves you would perform in different sports and you really work your core, from all sides, as you go through the workouts.  I went into the last 30 days looking to lose a little bit of weight and body fat, but also to improve my speed and performance in golf and tennis.  So here is a quick recap of the workouts in Asylum and my results.

1) Athletic Performance Assessment
In the fit test, you will perform several of the moves that you will see later in the workouts.  It’s actually a pretty intense 25 min. workout if you go all out!

2) Speed and Agility
Speed and Agility is probably my favorite workout in the whole program.  It’s only about 45 minutes, but it is intense!  You use the speed rope and agility ladder to work on your foot speed, your balance, and your quickness.  I personally really enjoyed working out with the agility ladder, and feel this is the area I improved on most throughout the program.  There are several mountain climber, in-and-out, and bear crawl progressions which are absolutely killer.  You will be pouring sweat and wiped out at the end of this workout!

3) Vertical Plyo
Vertical Plyo is my next favorite workout, and actually is a bit shorter than Speed and Agility.  Again, you’re using the speed rope and agility ladder, but now you add both resistance bands.  Be prepared to leave your feet and get on the ground doing lots of push-ups as well.  The resistance bands around your legs and hands really ups the intensity in this workout!

4) Strength
Strength is much different than your typically P90X lift day.  Your heart rate will stay really high and you will be out of breath for most of this workout.  The cardio dumbbell progression takes a lot of endurance, and the rock climber switches at the end of the workout will really do you in.  Your back gets a great workout and so do your abs in this routine.

5) Game Day and Overtime
Game Day and OT are the workouts that you build up to in this program.  The other workouts are supposed to be seen as “practice” for Game Day.  In Game Day you go through a ton of different sports specific moves.  You don’t get much of a break as you go from sport to sport to sport.  You really see how this program translates to the sports world, which is what I really like about this workout.  Overtime is just killer when you add it to Game Day.  Shaun T even adds in a few “extra” moves at the end when you think it’s over!

6) Back to Core
Back to Core is a really unique workout.  It has moves unlike any I have done before.  The swimming moves and the reverse plank moves really make your back, glutes, hamstrings and triceps burn.  You will really feel this one!

7) Relief
Relief might be many people’s favorite workout because it’s the only one that you’re not going to be wiped out at the end of.  You will certainly be really sore after most of these workouts, so adding relief afterwards will really help you get through the soreness.

Here is a short video detailing my results from Asylum.

I would definitely suggest graduating from P90X or Insanity before taking on this challenge, but if you already have, I think it’s an awesome program, especially if you have a sport that you’re looking to get better at!




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