Asylum 2 Results and Review

If you’ve done Insanity or Asylum Volume 1, you know Shaun T can really kick your butt.  His workouts are some of the hardest out there, and Asylum Volume 2 is no exception.  I actually finished up Body Beast right before jumping into Asylum Volume 2, and that’s probably not a transition I would recommend.  Body Beast doesn’t have much cardio, so it doesn’t really prep you well for these crazy workouts.  But in any case, I finished the program about a week ago, so I wanted to post my Asylum 2 results and review to give you an idea of what it’s like.

Asylum 2 vs Asylum 1

A natural comparison that you might expect in an Asylum 2 review would be comparing it to Asylum Volume 1.  To me, both versions are very similar.  They’re both 30 days, they both have one workout focused on lifting weights and working on your upper body and one workout focused on your core.  I actually think both programs are laid out well and give you some good variety.

From an intensity perspective, I actually think Asylum Volume 1 is more intense.  I’ve been doing an Asylum 1/Asylum 2 hybrid to finish the year and feel like I have a harder time with Asylum Volume 1 workouts.  But they’re also shorter.  So Asylum 2 is slightly less intense, but they are longer so you make up for it.  Also, to me it seems like you do more work in the agility ladder in Asylum Volume 2, and I love doing those moves, which is why I think I prefer Asylum 2 over Asylum 1.  It’s just more fun for me to use the agility ladder like that.

Also, Asylum 2’s fit test is at the end of the Championship workout.  So you get to go through a whole, intense workout, and then do your fit test.  Talk about crazy.  Whereas Asylum 1’s fit test was a separate workout all together.  If you want to get a little preview of the Asylum 2 fit test, here is a video of me on my final fit test in week 4:


Asylum 2 Results

So does Asylum 2 work?  I came off of a bulking period, so Asylum was great for me.  I was actually looking to lose some weight, and lost about 5 lbs over the 30 days.  I think it’s hard to expect a massive change in how your body looks in only 30 days, but here are my Asylum 2 results, and I know I noticed more of my definition coming back.

Asylum 2 Results – Front

asylum 2 results

asylum 2 review


Asylum 2 Results – Back

asylum 2 results

I hope you found this Asylum 2 review helpful!  I know I really enjoyed those 30 days and will continue to use the program in hybrids going forward, so look for those!  If you want to join my in the Asylum, you can order Asylum 2 HERE.

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