After Insanity – What Next?

after insanityI know a lot of you are doing Insanity right now, which is awesome!  But lately I’ve been seeing this question crop up a lot, “After Insanity, what should I do?  What’s next?”  That’s a very common question and one I wanted to address.  After you finish your first round of Insanity you definitely have a few options you can go with.  It does depend on your goals and what you like, so the same route won’t be right for everyone.  So with this post I wanted to focus on what you can do after Insanity.

After Insanity – What I Did

Well I can start with letting you know what I did after Insanity.  To start off, my first goal was just to lose fat and lose some weight.  During my first round of Insanity I wasn’t really too worried about building muscle.  I just knew I was overweight and carrying too much fat.  I wasn’t feeling energetic or healthy and I wanted to change that.  So Insanity was a great fit.  Plus, I didn’t need any extra equipment which really appealed to me at the time.  Through my first round of Insanity I ended up losing 17 lbs.  which I felt really good about.

But now that I was losing weight and fat, I decided I wanted to keep that up, but also build some lean muscle.  So I decided to give P90X a try.  I had always heard about it and had seen that other people had great results with it, so I wanted to do it too.  It was a great decision.  You still get great cardio workouts, but now I was incorporating more resistance training which was helping me build muscle that burned more calories all day long.  So it was a great transition for me because my goal was to still lose some weight and also build some muscle.  So after Insanity, I moved right on to P90X and this approach worked really well for me, you can see my results here: Day 150 Results

Insanity Round 2

Maybe after your first round of Insanity you’re still loving the intense cardio workouts and have more weight to lose and want to stick with the workouts.  That’s totally normal, most people don’t reach their final goal after just one round of any workout program.  So if this is you, a second round of Insanity is probably a great option.

When people want to do this, they often ask me, “Should I just stick with month 2 workouts?”  My answer to this is always no.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to just keep doing the max workouts.  First off, that’s just going to be really hard on your body.  Those workouts are super intense and your joints might need a little break.  But also, when you keep doing the same workouts over and over, you’re not going to continue to see the same benefits because your body gets used to the workouts.  Plus it can get a little boring to repeat the same 4 workouts for 2 or 3 months in a row.

What I suggest is going back to month 1 and starting the program from the beginning.  This time through you’ll be able to push much harder and get more out of those original workouts because you’re in better shape.  So I always advise people to start back at month 1 and do a whole new round.  You’ll get a little more variety and see better results that way.

After Insanity – A New Challenge

Finally, after Insanity, you can give yourself a new challenge.  There are many options for this and it really depends on what you want to do.  But the great thing is there are a variety of style of workout that you can move on to so you really can mix it up after Insanity.

If you really love Shaun T and want to keep working out with him, he has come out with a couple programs for Insanity grads.  He developed Asylum and Asylum Volume 2.  They’re both focused on athletic training and are really meant for people to use after Insanity.  If you haven’t first gone through a round of Insanity, then these programs are probably a little too advanced.  You really should be in pretty good shape before giving them a try.  I’ve done Asylum and I can tell you, it is one tough workout!  If you like the High Intensity Interval Training but want to switch it up, Chalene Johnson’s TurboFire is also a great way to go.

If you’re looking to change things up and want to incorporate resistance training, there are good options out there for you too.  I personally went for P90X which is a blast and has worked for thousands of people.  But if pull-ups and push-ups aren’t really your thing, there are some other great options as well.  I highly recommend ChaLEAN Extreme and also Les Mills Pump.  They both incorporate resistance training in slightly different ways but will help you build lean muscle and continue to lose fat.

So no matter what you chose to do after Insanity, the bottom line is that you shouldn’t get bored!  There are so many options for you, and really it comes down to what your goals are and what style of workout you like.  You might stick with Insanity for another round or move on to something new, either way, the important thing is to keep challenging yourself and keep moving towards your goals.  If you’ve reached them after Insanity, then set some new ones for yourself!


Great article, thanks! I will either do another round of Insanity or Turbo Fire which I just got. Susan

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

That's sweet! TurboFire is a great program too. My wife does it and I've done a few workouts too and it is a blast :) I'm interested to hear how you like it!

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