Aaron’s P90X Results

Even though Aaron works 6 days a week and 11-13 hour shifts, he still finds time to bring it every day!  He has been very committed to learning about the nutrition and really bringing his all with the workouts!  Through 1 round Aaron went from 185 lbs. and a 36 inch waist, to 165 lbs. and a 30 inch waist!  Now those are some great results!  Here are his before and afters and his story below:


I never worked out in my whole entire life.  I am 28 and going to be 30 in just a couple years.  From a young age people have always called me “fatty” or “fat boy”. Even at school and at work.

I was really shy in front of the camera. I looked fat and felt ugly, and when people asked me to be in a  group picture I would stand behind people and stick my head out and smile.  Whenever people asked me go to the beach or pool I always said “ no “ or “I’m sorry I got something to do” because I hated how I  looked shirtless.  I loved to eat and I would always eat a lot of food.  Especially at family gatherings and when we went out to restaurants for dinner.  I would always eat a lot, like white rice.  I could have 3 or 4 bowls of rice and my family always ordered a lot of food.  I always ate unhealthy fast food (I don’t want name it but you probably know what I’m talking about). I was really afraid to go doctor for a check-up, because I knew they would say I have high cholesterol, I needed to diet, and probably I had diabetes.

Then I started working at a restaurant and had long hours at work and not much time at home.  I work 6 days a week and 11 to 13 hours a days. So I would say I didn’t have time for the gym, I didn’t even have time for family gathering or other activities. Plus I ate at the restaurant for lunch and dinner and always ate unhealthy food too. So I was totally out of shape and gained more weight. Sometime I even ran out to buy some fast food.

After a couple more years of working at the restaurant, I started planning to lose some weight so I started taking a dance class. My favorite is “Hip Hop” and I did start lose some weight but not a lot. I also bought one of the machines I kept seeing on TV and that did not work AT ALL. The infomercial said “3 mins a day, guarantee you going have to abs you want, otherwise money back”.  I gave it a try and it really did not work. So I called them up and told them I wanted to return it and they said to me “ Results may vary as you can see from bottom in the commercial”, or they would say “It’s because you’re not following the nutrition plan.” So I couldn’t return the piece of crap.  So I started to think workouts from TV commercials would not work and they all FAKE.

Then one day I went to my friend’s house for a gathering. I saw he bought P90X and I was curious and asked him, if it really worked.  He said he didn’t have time for it. That’s a common New Yorker excuse. Because most of us go to work by SUBWAY. And the transportation (subway) is always messed up early in the morning.  People will go out early to catch the train. So I asked him if I could borrow it. He said if I wanted it just to take it.  So I give it a try. I started out just trying different routines. I tried Kenpo X and the next day I woke up and my whole body was sore. And that’s when I figured out that P90X worked.

Then I went to beachbody.com forums to check out all the success stories and I learned what a “COACH” was .  So I got to know my coach, Tom. He showed me what to do and tried to help me all the time. Even though my English is really poor, he tried to understand me.  He motivated me and kept checking in with me every week. Plus I started to learn how to eat healthy and clean and incorporated Shakeology into my diet every day.  I tried my best and tried to show up and push play each morning before going to work. I tried to really bring it finish every routine. Even though my form was sloppy at first, I just kept in mind that Tony said “do your best forget the rest” and “Rome was not build in one day”

P90X will sweat your butt off.  But it feels great and really works.  You can tell I have no negative feedback about this program. So now when I workout I don’t have to go to the gym. And I have no excuses about transportation. I do all my workouts at HOME now.  For my second round I’m doing Turbo Fire for my cardio days along with the P90X lifting days and am really looking forward to it!


i wish.....i hope so.....let's see hahaha

Coach Tom
Coach Tom

You had a great round 1 and should be proud of your results! It's a big accomplishment to lose 20 lbs. and I know your round 2 will go even better!


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