4th of July weekend

First off, I just wanted to say happy 4th of July to all the Americans on our team!  I personally love the 4th of July because I always get to spend it with extended family which is a blast.  But one incredibly tough thing is trying to stick to a diet or nutrition plan when you’re having family cookouts.  I know first hand that you don’t always have much if any control over what is served, so how can you still have fun without having an entire weekend of blowing your diet?

-Bring something healthy.  You know there’s going to be potato salad, brats, cheeseburgers, and chips at the meals, but it doesn’t have to be all bad!  Take charge and lead by example and bring a healthy dish.  There are lots of good options like a veggie tray, a bowl of cut up fruit, hummus and carrots, or even just bringing whole wheat buns.  Or for drinks bring bottled water instead of beer.  You can set a great example and bring some good tasting, healthy food.

-Stay away from dessert. I know this can be tough.  I love ice cream cake or a root beer float just as much as the next guy, but you have to stay away from the desserts!  They will absolutely kill your diet and really don’t add any nutritional value.  Sure they taste good while you’re eating them, but how about after?  Don’t you always regret eating it and knowing it’s ruining your diet?  Stay strong this weekend, and pass on the dessert!

-Portion control! So if there really are no healthy options, then it has to be about portion control.  Instead of having a cheeseburger and two brats, just eat one hamburger and skip the cheese.  Try to fill up on any healthy option there, but if you are grabbing the potato salad or something similar, keep it to a smaller portion.  Don’t just keep heaping it onto your plate.  And when you’re eating, stop when you’re full!  I know there’s always the pressure to finish what’s on your plate, but putting less on your plate to start with will help you not feel guilty if you do finish it off!

So those are just a few tips for this weekend.  I know holidays are probably the hardest time to keep on track with your workouts and nutrition, but I want to encourage you to set a good example for everyone else and don’t let this weekend ruin your progress!

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