3 Day Refresh

I announced this previously, but wanted to make a dedicated post to it.  Beachbody just released a new product, called the 3 Day Refresh.  I think they did this because they’ve seen how popular the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse has been for people, but wanted to bring a product that was more than just Shakeology.

They created the 3 Day Refresh as a way to either kickstart a journey to get healthier or as a way to try and break some bad habits.  I know I personally can let my nutrition slide at times.  I still crave sweets or fried foods at times, and when I do eat it, it seems like it can be hard to stop.  That’s where the 3 Day Refresh comes in.  It’s designed to help me get rid of those cravings and help me get back on track.

What comes in the 3 Day Refresh?

There are a few options for the 3 Day Refresh, but basically you’ll be getting:

  • Shakeology – Your daily dose of dense nutrition
  • Vanilla Fresh – A high protein, vitamin and probiotic rich shake that you take twice daily
  • Fiber Sweep – A high fiber shake that helps you eliminate the toxins in your body
  • Program Guide – This walks you through how to complete the 3 Day Refresh and includes meal suggestions and recipes

Why I like the 3 Day Refresh

What’s really appealing to me about the 3 Day Refresh is that it’s a high nutrition cleanse.  You still get a lot of protein and you’re still eating real foods.  You’re cleansing your  system, but it’s not like you’re just drinking one glass of juice every day.  It also looks like it will be relatively easy to follow.  The meal suggestions are pretty simple, and obviously shakes and fruit/veggies are pretty easy to prepare.  I’m personally going to give this a try after this 4th of July weekend.  Most people could probably use it come Monday, and I’ll post my 3 Day Refresh experience when I’m done.

3 Day Refresh Options

If you want to join me in giving the 3 Day Refresh a try, you have 3 options:



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