21 Day Fix Review

I honestly never thought I would even do the 21 Day Fix.  I had been doing Body Beast for about a year and have always thought the 21 Day Fix was more geared towards women.  But Rochelle said she wanted to work out with me again, so I figured we’d give it a try.  The workouts are shorter and Autumn seems a little less intense than Sagi.

My 21 Day Fix Review – The Workouts

21 day fix reviewFrom the first move in the first workout, I knew I was in for more than I had anticipated.  These workouts are legit. They’re all about 30 minutes, but don’t think you’re getting off easy at all.  The workouts are all basically a circuit.  So you’ll do one move for a minute, 15 second rest, do another move for a minute, 15 second rest, and then repeat.  Plus most of the moves work multiple body parts.  So you’re doing a lot of total body moves, and doing them for an entire minute can get really intense.

I was burning between 400-550 calories per workout.  That’s on par with workouts like T25 and even Insanity: Max 30.  I admit, I was dead wrong about the workouts.  I didn’t think they’d challenge me much, but they really did.  I was pouring sweat and was really worn out after the workouts.  So that was a great surprise.  The other great thing is that there’s always a modifier for every move.  So if you have an injury you need to work around or if some moves are just too tough, you can always modify and still get a great workout in.

My 21 Day Fix Review – The Nutrition

This is arguably the most important part of the whole 21 Day Fix program.  You get color coded containers for specific food groups.  The nutrition guide then tells you how many of each container you get to eat each day.  Initially, it doesn’t look like a lot of food.  But when you add it all up you’re actually eating a lot.  I ate via the containers and still tracked it in MyFitnessPal and came out to around 2500 calories each day.  So I wasn’t starving by any means.

I think it challenges people to eat more vegetables than they’re used which is a great thing.  You get a lot of fiber which helps keep you full which is always a good thing.  With the containers, I don’t think you’ll always need to use them, because you start to understand what proper portions look like.  That’s the whole point of the system.  It teaches you proper portion control.  You can eat a wide variety of foods as long as they fit in the containers.  So it’s similar to an IIFYM system and works really well.

My 21 Day Fix Review – The Results

So normally I would post some before/after photos of myself and give you all the details on how I did.  But this is going to be a little different.  I did lose 6 lbs during my first round and felt really good.  But what I’m more pumped about is how my parents did.

Both my mom and dad did the 21 Day Fix workouts and followed the container system.  They did 2 rounds in preparation for a big hiking trip they had planned.  My mom lost 20 lbs and 17.5 inches and my dad lost 15 lbs!!!  How incredible is that?  They both mentioned that the workouts were challenging for the most part and the nutrition plan is really what helped them get those results.  The whole reason I’m a Coach is to help other people get fit and healthy and seeing my parents just crush the 21 Day Fix is a great feeling!  So yes, the 21 Day Fix really does work if you put in the effort with the workouts and the nutrition.

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