21 Day Fix Intro

There’s a new Beachbody trainer, Autumn Calabrese, on the scene and there’s a lot of buzz around her new program.  It’s called the 21 Day Fix and the test group had a lot of success.  As the name implies, it’s a 21 day program, so it goes quick.  The workouts are 30 minutes, and they’re designed to be doable for any fitness level.  The nutrition is probably the coolest part about the program.  It’s based on portions and actually gives you containers that you fill your food for the day in.  Then you eat only what’s in the containers to help teach you proper portion control, which I know would be helpful for a ton of people.

I believe the 21 Day Fix is scheduled for release at the end of January, so it’s coming out soon.  Here’s a little teaser video if you’re curious to see more about the program:

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